Heroic doctor goes beyond the call of duty, saves life of a passenger at Mumbai airport

Dr Gayatri Patankar, an anaesthesiologist, was returning from a family vacation in Dubai when she noticed an unconscious man in wheelchair. He was lying pulseless and cynosed (bluish discoloration of skin), when she administered CPR and saved him

They say a doctor is always on duty. Such is the nature of their job that it goes beyond their regular work and work hours because more than a profession it is considered to be a service to society and humanity. Living up to this in its true spirit, a Thane-based doctor, who was returning after a vacation in Dubai, saved a life of a passenger at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Sunday night.

Dr Gayatri Patankar, an anaesthesiologist, was returning from a family vacation in Dubai when she noticed an unconscious man in wheelchair and commotion around him with people talking about the awaiting medical help.

The passenger identified as Neelmani Sharma was said to be returning from

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique to maintain circulation and breathing

Thailand and had suddenly fallen unconscious at the luggage collecting area of the airport around 11.30 pm.

“He was pulseless, cynosed (bluish discoloration of skin). I immediately offered my help and asked people to get him on the floor,” said Patankar.

She then started giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – a lifesaving technique to maintain circulation and breathing. “I immediately put two bags beneath his leg for proper blood circulation, started giving him cardiac massage. Within 3-5 minutes, the airport staff provided me emergency kit. Defibrillator (a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest) was used to give him shock, started ventilating him. Since there was no oxygen cylinder, an ambu bag was used. Injection Adrenaline was given. I intubated the patient too for effective ventilation,” said Patankar.

It took 15 minutes before Sharma’s heart was revived. “He was shifted to the hospital. I am informed that he is in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Though he had a severe cardiac arrest, he had no brain damage, no aspiration. He is stable but has been diagnosed with renal artery stenosis and will undergo bypass surgery in couple of days. He also has a history of high blood pressure,” said Patankar.

Dr Gayatri Thane
Dr Gayatri Patankar

The instances of deaths due to Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) have been on the rise due to long working hours, hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, say doctors.

Unfortunately, an SCA does not happen only to people who suffer from heart diseases or with age or only to men. SCAs are unrelated to age, sex, existing heart ailments and family history.

A sudden cardiac arrest is a condition where the heart stops functioning without any warning – if not addressed immediately it leads to unexpected death within 60 minutes. The survival rate in SCR is less than 1% as the medical services do not reach on time. Experts however say that if SCA is treated within the first 4-6 min more than 95% of lives can be saved.

Reaching hospital on time or getting an appropriately equipped ambulance within 10 minutes plays a crucial role in saving SCR patient.

“In such cases, bystanders should first figure out whether the patient is unconscious (with heart still beating) or has suffered a cardiac arrest. There is a window period of 3 minutes after the arrest when we can revive the patient by giving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations (CPR)” said Dr Sudhir Pillai, cardiologist, PD Hinduja Hospital.

As per the updated American Heart Association guidelines, if the patient is unresponsive, the person giving CPR should start giving chest compressions first and improve circulation and then try reviving airway and breathing by mouth to mouth resuscitation, said Pillai.

Patankar said public places like airport, malls, and theatres should be prepared for emergency like this. “An international airport like Mumbai should have a dedicated medical room, doctors, oxygen cylinder. The first 5 minutes in such cases are very crucial,” said Patankar.

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    Really very creditable

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    That is an excellent work by Dr. Gayatri to save life. Hats off to you doctor. We are all proud of you. As Dr. Pillai pointed out, there should be emergency teal with ACLS training in all airports to face such emergencies.

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    Great work and social awareness..

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    Kudos to this noble person

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    Great job doc .but sad no one in general public knows how to give CPR & provide basic life support to such people .

  • My appreciation to The Doctor!!

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    Hats off doctor. Take a bow.

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    Congratulations Dr. Patankar. May we have many more like you.

  • Charles Pinto

    Congratulations Dr. Patankar. May we have many more like you. We are really proud of you.

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    Simply great gaytri

  • This is highly appreciating move by Dr.Patankar, her execution in her capacity to save patient is higly appreciated. Well done Dr.Patankar. Best regards; Prof. Prashant H Pawar, GM- Marketing, Zen Hospital.

  • Ajay Bhowal

    Kudos to Dr. Gayatri !!! May God bless you.

    N.B. I, myself have gone under CABG (Coronary artery bypass grafting/Bypass Surgery) a few years back.


    Beautiful Doctor Beautiful job done.


    Congratulations Dr. Patankar. May we have many more like you. Hats off doctor

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    Great job. We are proud of you.
    God bless you.

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    Kudos to Dr Gayatri!
    A life Saved is a Family saved!
    She has displayed amazing presence of mind.. She being an Anaesthetist definitely helped.

    But bystanders can also start resuscitation.. Basic Life support knowledge is the need of the hour.
    That’s enough to get the Airway, Breathing and Circulation back on track.
    She started with BLS and moved on to ACLS . Hats off to Gayatri.

    A Fellow Anesthetist in admiration.

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    Good Gayathri,
    Greater timely move, really saved life without brain damage, that’s the real doctor’s spirit

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    Well done Dr.Gayatri…..you acted like an angel …..Stay blessed…

  • Fantastic job…

  • Great madam very proud of you and your family…

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  • Congratulationsto Dr.Gayatri for her timely intervention to give appropriate medical care to the patient in need.This is a very brave move & must be appreciated by all.This will encourage other Doctors & even common public to help during such unfortunate events.Great Dr Gayatri

  • Great presence of mind,dedicated and most important humanity.Thanks from all of us.Thank you Dr Gayatri.

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    Kudos to the dedication ….Dr.Gayathri

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    We are all proud of you Dr.Gayatri. You have displayed your commitment to your profession and saved a valuable life! !GOD bless you my child.
    Very inspiritional

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    Great work Dr. Gayatri. Great presence of mind. Proud to have doctors like you. Equally proud to be Thaneite.

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    Great job. We are proud of you.
    God bless you

  • Good idea

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    Good job Doctor. May God bless u for ur kindness and presence of mind!


    Great act of professionalism, humanity and a great step to build trust qmong people that some one can help in case of distress! !

    Salute you Dr. !!!!
    God bless!!
    Varad Nayak

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    I am simply overjoyed to know that all doctors in India are not just after money; some are really dedicated strictly as per their oath . Congratulations Dr.Gayatri
    —–Pratima K.Sharma

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    Hat’s off Dr. Gayatri. We are proud of professionals like you.

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    thanks madam showing such humanity hats off

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    Many thanks Dr. Gayatri. You are our Hero. Big salute !!

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    God bless you Dr gayatri
    Gives you superdynamic
    Energy and magnetic attachment to your work
    You wished in your life.
    Republic day gift to the nation .

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    DR Gayatri ji you Save a piller of Family
    You are Great. Big Big Salute.

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    DR Gayatri ji
    Thank you very Much to Save our Nilmani Sharma.
    You are Great. Big Big Salute.

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    Well done Dr.Gayatri. proud of you

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    *best try for education to people

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    Great Gayatri.. An example of a noble service profession, in the field, medical education got rewarded through her vocational excellence her exceptional outgoing and tha all resulting saving a life. God bless you Gaytri!
    His was on 22nd night at the mumbai Intl airport. On 23rd this emergency cardiac borderline patient was dared to have been operated with confidence in calculation successfully at Seven Hills Hospitals by a young cardiac surgeon Dr Kabeer Umakumar who had pulled out from his birthday celebrations fr day long till late night to ensure patient recovery. Kudos Kabeer, proud of you, God Bless You!

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    Well done Dr Gayatriji . Really you saved his life and become a noble doctor also . God bless you madam .

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    Exceptional, timely and providential intervention by Dr.Gayatri…May this tribe increase all around us!

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    You must do the things you think you cannot do, i heartily thank you Dr Gayatri

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    Myself Muskan Sharma daughter of Neelmani Sharma. Thank you doctor for saving my father’s life.

  • Muskan Sharma

    Myself Muskan Sharma daughter of Neelmani Sharma. Thank you doctor for saving my father’s life.

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    Thanks Dr. GAYATRI . We are greatful to you. May God Bless you & keep you smiling always in your lufe. Thanks you so much

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    Great job done by Dr. Gayatri, saved life of my friend Mr Sharma Neelmani. Hats off Dr Gayatri & we are proud of her. God bless her all the times forever

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    Dr Gayatri u have done a noble job to save a precious life , great !!!

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    Dear Dr Gayatri. …u hv done absolutely rewarding genuine job which saved someone ‘s life n ur aggression n timely help which was well appreciated. ….my salute to you n many congratulations n blessings from bappa morya. Hv a great luck in ur future endeavour. Thnx.

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    Doc you lived up to your oath. God Bless

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    Well done
    Great job

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    Dr Gayatri. That person on Mumbai airport is my friend.
    I really thanks and appreciate what you did that day.

    God Bless you and your family. Pls let me know if I can help you any time

    Once again no words to thank you but still. … God bless you all


  • Satish Dixit

    I wish my father in law had someone like Dr. Patankar around. He passed away due to SCA at the baggage claim area. He was returning back from his US visit. As stated unfortunately the medical help was not available immediately and by the time the doctor’s help was received it was too late. Airports should have such immediate medical help available since passengers are travelling long distance and long hours and might experience DVT or Cardiac arrest like situations. Many lives can be saved with timely medical help.

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    Dr Gayatri well done and we all r proud of you.

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    Well done Dr Gayatri. Dr Suresh K Pandey, SuVi Eye Institute, Kota, Raj.

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    Great Dr. Gayatri, you made our Fraternity proud. And made public to think about work and importance of doctors, in today’s negative image of Doctors.

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    Truly said that doctors are our living god, proved by Dr Patankar. Hats off

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    Great,Dr Gayatri, Have just read about your superb noble deed sitting in the plane Can well imagine the scene at such a busy airport. An inspiratiion to all,truly. May your tribe increase. Yes,we need such medical set ups at all busy places to handle emergencies ..

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    Three cheers for Dr Gayatri Patankar

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    Wonderful and timely action doctor,your suggestions regarding preparedness of public institutions need to be addressed by the authorities in a timebound manner.

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    Dr Patankar, this is great. Hats Off! My dad Was in same situation, but got no help in time and so he passed away. Thanks doctor

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    Very good doctor I’m proud that I have taken decision to become a doctor. I’m proud .

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    Well done Dr. Gayatri , your spirit shows how nice and helping heart you have . Not only doctor’s but everyone should learn a lesson from you . Hats off to you.

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