#NoMobileKnowFamily: Know how a Mumbai family balances life offline

Today, ‘Family Time’ is a concept that’s almost dead. However, as our campaign on #NoMobileKnowFamily proposes, more and more family have taken to ditch their smartphones as they step inside their homes to make the family feel extra special. Likewise, Sawants from Mumbai, make it a point to put down their phones when they are together

Most of our parents would agree that in their times, returning back after a hard day’s work meant sitting with the family and chatting about the whole day at office, school, college or so. However, that seems difficult now. But, Sawants from Mumbai are giving us bonding goals by keeping up this tradition. Apurva Sawanat […]

Biomedical students develop innovative injection for kids 

 An innovative injection, or rather ‘funjection,’ is a new spin on traditional injections. This device is designed in such a way that a syringe of the injection is covered with a toy and children are then deceived while they are being injected

At a recently held Medical Device Innovation Camp (MEDIC) in Pune an innovative device named as ‘funjection’ caught the attention of all. It is a devised made by a team of students and professor which will help in nullifying the pain of injection for children. The device is designed in such a way that a […]

New study says teenagers avoiding sex, alcohol, and driving like never before

A recent study reveals that nowadays teenagers prefer to sit at home, say no to drugs and alcohol, and scroll through a litany of social media apps, as compared to teens from the past generations

New study says teenagers avoiding sex, alcohol, and driving like never beforeToday’s teenagers don’t seem to care much about hitting the open road, scoring a six-pack with a fake ID, or asking their peers out on dates. According to a recent study from psychologists Jean Twenge and Heejung Park, teenagers instead prefer to sit at home, say no to drugs and alcohol, and scroll through a […]

iPhone craze lands Pune youths at doctor’s doorstep

While newer smartphones with latest features being introduced every day in the Indian market, the craze for buying the most latest one is leading youngsters to fall prey to having a case of personality disorder

A doctor in Pune has received two cases of personality disorder wherein two young boys have shown a maladaptive pattern of behaviour for buying ‘the latest version of an iPhone’. A craze for buying the latest version of a smartphone is one of the telling traits of a personality disorder; that is seen in modern […]

Scientist create ‘pen’ to help detect cancer within 10 seconds

 The MasSpec Pen works by releasing a tiny droplet of water onto the target tissue, absorbing the chemicals inside of the cells. This droplet is then analysed by an instrument called a mass spectrometer, which can analyse thousands of molecules, and quickly deliver the results to doctors on a computer screen

The device is capable of identifying cancerous cells 150 times faster than conventional technologies and was 96 per cent accurate in tests. Researchers from the University of Texas say that the MasSpec Pen can help surgeons identify which tissue should be removed and which should be preserved, to help patients’ recover. Dr Livia Schiavinato Eberlin, […]

‘We need more experts in EUS,’ says Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun

Since its invention there have been several major advancements in the EUS technique but the use of this procedure remains low in Asian countries. In a dialogue with My Medical Mantra, Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun Teoh, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong explained the reason behind why it is underused and how can it be made affordable

The second EUS Congress is taking place in Mumbai at Renaissance Convention centre, Powai. Dr Anthony Yuen-Bun TEOH who is a faculty of Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong spoke to My Medical Mantra about the importance of (Endoscopic Ultra Sound) EUS procedure. He also explained why this technique needs to be promoted […]

Maharashtra to get a State Health Policy soon?

Dr Pravin Shingare, Director of Medical Education, Government of Maharashtra hinted at a plan to soon draft and implement a state health policy for Maharashtra which will run parallel to the National Health Policy (NHP)

Maharashtra to get a State Health Policy soon?At the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) held on Wednesday, August 23 at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. Dr Pravin Shingare, Director of Medical Education and Research, Government of Maharashtra, announced that the department is working on the state health policy that will help in formulating specific and need intensive policy for the state. “We are […]

Role of technology in transforming healthcare

Improved recognition of the role by patients and care providers, establishment of security and privacy guidelines, systematic assessment and evaluation of apps and integration in overall patient care will soon be a reality. Underpinning all of this will be evidence of value generated that will demonstrate improved health outcomes

Role of technology in transforming healthcareTechnology has been transforming healthcare in several innovative ways. The relevance of technology and digitisation is imperative as we look at newer ways of healthcare delivery services. Areas like digital documentation (e-insurance), service requests and smart cards for transaction, can be benefitted from digitisation, thus transforming patient experience, a key element in healthcare delivery. However, […]

Giving your baby gadgets to play with can hamper their speech development

Twenty percent of the children spent an average of 28 minutes a day using screens, the study found. Every 30-minute increase in daily screen time was linked to a 49 per cent increased risk of what the researchers call expressive speech delay, which is using sounds and words

Parents who are raising children in today’s times have likely to have fretted about screen time and wondered what impact these devices could have on kids. Will the technology affect their brains? Does it limit social development? Would it harm them emotionally? Could it delay when they start talking? A study was released on Thursday […]
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