Did you know, dentists can identify if you are suffering from diabetes

According to a new study, dentists who particularly focus on patients with severe periodontitis, have noticed a considerable number of suspected new diabetes cases from such patients

According to a recent study done by researchers from University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, which was published in latest British Medical Journal Open Diabetes Research and Care issue, your dentist could help you identify if you are suffering from diabetes. A dentist’s office is a suitable location for screening pre-diabetes and this study concludes […]

Robot which makes complex surgeries easy on display at JJ Hospital

Although performing robotic surgeries remain a distant dream in government hospitals in Maharashtra, the da Vinci Robotic System will give a glimpse of how it works for doctors

The da Vinci Robotic System, which is considered as a breakthrough step in surgical technology, is kept on demonstration at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals in Mumbai from January 23 to 27. Government hospital doctors from across the state will visit JJ Hospital to get first-of-its-kind experience of this surgical technology. Performing robotic surgeries in […]