Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in India

As a reaction to the on-going ‘Blue whale’ saga, the government has now sent a letter seeking to remove the game from all major sites to make it inaccessible to the vulnerable and innocent minds

Killer ‘Blue Whale’ banned in IndiaThe government has finally taken a lead in the ‘Blue whale’ saga that seemed like a never-ending episode. Ever since the news of a 14-year-old committing a suicide in Mumbai has come out in the media, the country has been searching about the game and its availability, majorly to feed their curiosity. Reportedly, the boy’s […]

10 most popular health questions searched on Google and their answers

These are 10 of the most popular health questions searched in Google beginning with the phrase, “Is it normal?”

Certain health questions are just too embarrassing, or obscure, to ask your friends. Thankfully, that’s where your friend Google comes in. The search engine is no replacement for a doctor, but sometimes it can be the next best thing. A simple search for something like, “What if my,” turns up a whole list of things […]

Scientists develop AI algorithm that can detect skin cancer

Using deep learning, a type of machine learning technique, researchers trained an already-existing algorithm created by Google to spot cancerous moles. Results showed algorithm was roughly 90% accurate

Scientists have found yet another way that Artificial Intelligence may replace humans. Stanford University researchers developed an algorithm for detecting skin cancer that’s as accurate as a diagnosis from a human dermatologist, according to the study published in the science journal Nature. Led by graduate students in Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Andre Esteva and Brett […]