Study reveals India in need of its own lipid guidelines

In a cross-sectional physician survey, the researchers found that every physician had their self-reported perspectives on managing an abnormal amount of lipids in the blood. The survey included 404 physicians. The study, which was published in Lipids in Health and Disease's latest edition, is said to be the first survey in India to understand lipid management practices followed by the physicians. Currently, there are no uniformly accepted Indian guidelines

India needs its own lipid guidelines, says a latest study published in a medical journal. In a cross-sectional physician survey, the researchers found that every physician had their self-reported perspectives on managing an abnormal amount of lipids in the blood. The survey which was anchored by department of cardiology of Hero DMC Heart Institute, Dayanand […]

Pune docs perform surgery on Omani girl with rare bone deformity

Doctors say that the amount of deformity in Majd Ali’s ’s case is severe which makes it a very rare case. The surgeries would straighten her legs and would make walking possible for her. In majority of the cases, suffering with this condition since birth, either of the two legs or arms is crooked. In her case, both her hands and legs are crooked

A short statured eight-year-old girl named Majd Ali from Oman, whose hands and legs are crooked, was recently operated at Sancheti Hospital, Pune. Majd is suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare genetic deformity, which mainly affects bones. Apart from the rare occurrence of the disease, doctors said that the amount of deformity in Madj’s case […]

Gift of gratitude: Ex-students and colleagues fund teacher’s liver transplant

She has taught at multiple schools in the past, so a lot of people came forward on their own including Puja's ex-colleagues, students and friends. The key was to spread the word as soon as possible to a wide audience .The pre and post-transplant cost will reach up to Rs40 Lakhs, of which her students and family has raised Rs22 Lakhs (approximately) in 14 days. Her family is also trying to pool in money through crowd-funding, majorly through a platform called Impact Guru

Most of us would remember our favourite teacher and some of us will even be in touch with them. That’s the magic that teachers have in our lives. Teaching is a noble profession. And unmistakably, a one that can never be forgotten! Thanking our teachers could be a task because they wouldn’t expect or accept […]

‘Doctors should not be afraid of competing with young doctors’

Dr OP Kapoor, an eminent physician and a gifted teacher, still practises at the age of 85. He has been known for his marathon teaching sessions and is popular among several generations of undergraduate and post-graduate medical students. He practises for three days in a week now, and he believes that ‘Knowledge is for sharing’

“Knowledge has to be shared till you die. I will go on practising till my last breath,” says Dr OP Kapoor, an eminent physician and a gifted teacher who still practises at the age of 85. Dr Kapoor has been known for his marathon teaching sessions and is popular among several generations of undergraduate and […]

‘Give the care that you would expect as a patient’

Treat your patients as you would like to be treated as a patient. Do not run after money. Be happy with what you are getting says Dr Yeshwant K Amdekar

‘Keeping fit is keeping happy. Treating patients gives me happiness and my is mantra of fitness,’ says Dr Yeshwant K Amdekar (76), one of the senior most practicing paediatricians in India who is presently the medical director of BJ Wadia hospital for Children at Parel. It has been 48 years of practice but Dr Amdekar […]

‘Patient’s faith in doctors has faded’

His love for the profession is Dr Utture’s daily motivation. He is an elected member of Maharashtra Medical Council. After the incidents of assaults on doctors have occurred, he feels society has lost respect for doctors

The ambiance of Shivaji Park was overwhelmingly enthusiastic at 9am. The rain had finally taken a break after pouring overnight and the sun had made its way out of the clouds. Visitors at Shivaji Park were busy with their physical exercises. Dr Shivkumar Utture joined his friends for a walk in the park. He had […]

Dr Lahane, a taskmaster who works ceaselessly for more than 12 hours

Padmashree Dr Tatyarao Lahane is a taskmaster. After recovering from a kidney transplant he has performed around 1.5 lakh surgeries. A fine surgeon, a skilled administrator, a strict boss, a compassionate friend and a caring colleague, Dr Lahane's personality has many shades

It had just stopped raining and the traces of showers were still visible in the corridors of the Ophthalmology Department at JJ Group of Hospitals. At 7:30 am, Dr Tatyarao Lahane’s departmental help were busy tidying up his cabin and were making his guests comfortable in the lounge. In the adjacent corridor, relatives of hospitalised […]

My wish is to live and die for my patients, says 102 year old doctor

The 102-year-old Dr Balwant Ghatpande wishes to live for the passion and die for the passion. Ghatpande, even at this age, is available for patients every day of the week. Apart from treating the patients, he loves to read and watch television. During his practicing career, he has not taken ‘cut’ in life nor has given any. He says that he will continue his practice till the time he is alive

“I wish death encounters me while I am examining patients.” This is a wish expressed by 102-year-old practicing doctor in Pune. The doctor is available for his patients on all seven days of the week, in morning as well as evening shifts. Even at this age, Dr Balwant Ghatpande consults around 15 to 20 patients […]

‘My passion is to talk to people, that’s what keeps me going’

Family, a passion for life and people. Encompass the universe for Dr Harish Shetty, a man who is a jack of all, yet the master of many

Could a well-known psychiatrist have the time to learn a new language every year while working for more than 10 hours a day? For someone with a packed schedule like Dr Harish Shetty who examines more than 40 patients a day, making time for oneself could be a problem, but he still manages to learns […]

Paediatrician by profession, multitasker by choice

For Dr Samir Dalwai, a pediatrician who works for kids with special needs, manages to make time for multiple hobbies apart from his work. He does not find his work tiring even though his day has 17 hours of work and 6 hours of undisturbed sleep!

  Can you believe that a music reviewer, anchor, drum player, salsa trainer and avid reader would find a perfect balance between these activities and neurodevelopmental paediatrics? But, surprisingly, Dr Samir Dalwai can! For parents who have a query regarding neurodevelopmental disorders in their children, Dr Dalwai is the best person to answer them. He […]
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