Maha witnesses maximum deaths due to swine flu

Swine flu has created havoc in Mumbai and Maharashtra. So far, swine flu has claimed 504 lives, whereas, 4,709 patients are being treated at different hospitals. From the total swine flu deaths in the country, more than 40 per cent deaths are from the sate

The entire country is swept by a deadly swine flu wave. The death ratio from Maharashtra and Gujarat is shocking. In Maharashtra, total 4, 709 patients have been diagnosed with swine flu out of which, 504 patients have lost their lives.

According to information received from Central Government Health Department, 25,834 patients across the country have been detected with swine flu, while 1,260 patients have lost their lives.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Pradeep Awate, Head of Infectious Control Department of the State said, “Since January, swine flu is creating havoc and the health department had initiated measures, accordingly. The H1N1 virus is spreading rapidly due to rainy season, due which there is a rise in number of swine flu patients. This year, in the first eight months, this 4,709 swine flu patients with swine flu were reported in State.”

He added, “A report revealed that small children, elderly and pregnant women who have low immunity suffer from it. According to the data submitted recently by the Health Department of the Central Government, compared to the state, more than 25,834 swine flu patients have been reported in the country between January and September 2.”

Special workshops are being conducted in private and government hospitals to reduce the number of swine flu patients. People are informed about the symptoms by the doctors and health care providers. But still people opt for home remedies if they have fever and only visit a doctor, when their condition worsens. So don’t ignore fever or clod, immediately seek doctor’s opinion said Awate.