Should all IVF babies have a paternity or maternity test?

Mix-ups are extremely rare but not impossible and the worry if the baby is indeed our own is understandable. If there is reason to believe that there may have been a mix up, the patient will be within their rights to get a DNA test done. DNA testing involves taking swabs from the mouth of the baby and the parents and sending it to a specialised genetics testing lab.

The biggest worry in every IVF patient’s mind is the possibility of a mix up in their eggs and / or sperms and /or embryos with someone else’s, meaning that the baby that they are carrying is not their own. When a woman naturally conceives, the fertilization occurs inside her body and there is a […]

Make love during pregnancy, but understand your partner’s comfort

Most Indian couples do not discuss this doubt they have about having intercourse while a woman is pregnant. It may be because they are shy or consider speaking about it a taboo. They instead rely on myths and beliefs or lay literature. This further adds to confusion. In this column a doctor shares genuine advice about what can be done in such a situation

Make love during pregnancy, but understand your partner’s comfortSneha and Arun walked into my cabin. The couple was excited as they were expecting their the first baby. It was Sneha’s third month of pregnancy and her second visit to me. This time Arun’s mother was also accompanying the couple. The mother looked happy and watchful too. After the consultation we had a quick […]

Wake-up call: Brain tumour linked with the use of cell phone  

Excessive exposure to radiofrequency radiation due to the use of mobile phones has dramatically increased. The radiofrequency radiation has a carcinogenic effect which could be an important factor in regards to deterioration of health

Wake-up call: Brain tumour linked with the use of cell phone  The potential connection between cell phones and its harmful effect on the brain is controversial. On the occasion of Brain Tumour Awareness Month and World Brain Tumour Day, let’s focus our attention on symptoms and therapeutic strategies to fight this epidemiology. The rapid rise in communication technology has given rise to the inseparable relationship with […]

Electronic Stethoscopes: Have you seen a stethoscope around an eye surgeon’s neck?

Ocular auscultation is the physical exam that consists of listening to the vascular sounds of the eye by placing the stethoscope on the surface of the eyelids and surrounding structures. This is because in some conditions the eye may show a ‘murmur’ .The eye does ‘murmur’ and listening to it may help an eye surgeon not miss a diagnosis

A complete medical consultation includes a detailed history taking asking patient about everything related to his complaints and a complete examination which includes inspection , palpating ( touching and feeling whether the part is hot or cold , soft or hard) , percussion and auscultation (hearing with a stethoscope). Ocular auscultation is the physical exam […]

Useful recommendations to prevent and treat hypertension

City-based senior cardiologist advises one should try every possible means to prevent hypertension as there is no complete cure for it. Life style modification is very important for this. Dr Santosh Kumar Dora gives tips on how to prevent or treat hypertension

Hypertension is also called “the silent killer” because high blood pressure often causes no symptoms for a long time. Even if the blood pressure is high, patient may feel fine. For this reason, many people who have high blood pressure don’t even know it. It is usually identified when somebody goes for a routine health […]

Hypnodontics an easy way to treat patients afraid of dentists

Dr Prachi SS dwells into the concept of dental hypnosis, wherein hypnosis is used to calm the patients and then treat them for their dental flaws

Hypnodontics an easy way to treat patients afraid of dentistsBuddha describes human mind one which is filled with drunken monkeys – jumping around, screeching, and chattering endlessly. He suggested that the only way to tame it is through meditation. Meditation is a well-known way to calm the mind, but another very close concept to meditation, which is often misunderstood, is hypnosis. People have been […]

Government not serious about identifying children with learning disabilities  

All over the world there are about 5% to 10% of children who suffer from learning disabilities. The figures reveal that the vast majority of children with learning disabilities are never diagnosed even after 70 years of Independence

Government not serious about identifying children with learning disabilities  Ishaan Awasthi in ‘Taare Zameen Par’ epitomised the plight of children with learning disabilities. But, little has changed since then in the country. Except four states, the rest of the country has never heard about learning disabilities (LD). The numbers of children diagnosed and registered as having learning disabilities during 2014, 2016 CBSE (10th and […]

How to protect your eyes from summer heat

With mercury levels rising, Dr Amar Agarwal, Chairman of Dr Agarwal's Group of Eye Hospitals, gives quick tips on how to prevent eye problems during summer to ensure your eyes remain healthy

How to protect your eyes from summer heatThe merciless summer is here and that calls for numerous health problems, including the harmful effect on our eyes. With increase in intensity of heat now, it is essential for us to be aware of precautions and preventive measures to avoid eye problems. During summer, when somebody sees the sunlight directly, due to the sharp […]