Diet and exercise, the two pillars for losing weight

Diet and exercises remains the cornerstone of an attempt to lose weight. The successful outcome is largely based on long-term compliance with the same

Diet and exercise, the two pillars for losing weightHow diet and exercise play a role in weight loss? Obesity has become an Achilles heel for many. Most obese people realise, often late, that it is extremely difficult to lose and maintain weight. However, medical or surgical intervention cannot be the only answer for the millions of overweight individuals in the world. Diet The […]

Here’s how to deal with stalkers

It is not uncommon to meet a woman who has experienced stalking at least once in her lifetime. Thanks to the recent Chandigarh stalking case that has grabbed the headlines and has proved that stalking is an ugly reality in India

Here’s how to deal with stalkersWhat is stalking? Stalking or harassment can be obsessive or repeated behaviour that is unwanted by the victim. It is not always about long-term relationships. Stalkers can include estranged husbands, ex-boyfriends, a one-time date or an unwanted suitor. The behaviours may seem normal and ordinary; however, when they are repeated over time they can be […]

POCSO Act: Know your rights when protecting your child

This act deals with child abuse with great sensitivity. Under this act, only senior female police officers are supposed to investigate the matter. The police are normally not supposed to visit the house but in case they do so they have to be in plain clothes and not in uniforms. The child is not supposed to be called again and again to police station. The child cannot be kept for a long period of time in the police station

POCSO Act: Know your rights when protecting your child  “Doctor, you stood behind us like a rock when we felt all else had failed and showed us the way forward to get justice!” said a 42-year-old man. He was accompanied by his wife and daughter, aged 11, with tears rolling down their eyes. While most of the doctors get their share of appreciation while doing […]

‘Children ditch pens for the love of gadgets’

In the good old days, children had no internet, Youtube and gadgets like a tablet or smartphone to play with. In the present modern era, children are introduced to gadgets as soon as they are born and a lot of academics happen via. Thus, children develop a longing for electronic media and the love of a chalk, slate and the blackboard has faded away

‘Children ditch pens for the love of gadgets’Good handwriting is a hallmark of good education. When I was in school, we had handwriting periods and teachers would spend hours emphasizing on the finer nuances of good handwriting. We learnt intricate details about good handwriting that range from the curves of the letter ‘y’ and ‘f’ and the need for proper dashes to […]

‘Be your children’s friend to understand them better’

Mental health issues can affect anybody irrespective of their education, class, sex, creed, etc. Suicide is almost always a manifestation of some underlying mental health issue. The increasing number of suicide cases in India has become a matter of concern over past few years, and we need to do something regarding this issue. As the next generation is our future, and without them we are lost

My dear friends, recently a series of unfortunate events have occured. In the last, 15 days, two innocent youngsters had taken a drastic step of ending their lives. One boy was the child of a couple, who work as bureaucrats. The other boy allegedly lost his life to a horrific online game called ‘Blue Whale’. […]

Let’s take up the challenge of killing ‘Blue Whale’

The biggest concern right now is about the game's accessibility across the Internet. Parents should talk to their children and create awareness about malicious content online. Teachers and counsellors in schools and colleges must give children time when they approach them wanting to speak to them about any problem

Last week a 14-year-old boy committed suicide by jumping off the sixth floor terrace of his building in Andheri, Mumbai. Police investigations are probing the role of an internet game as the driving force behind his death. The game is named Blue Whale. Why is the name Blue Whale associated with such a game – […]

Should all IVF babies have a paternity or maternity test?

Mix-ups are extremely rare but not impossible and the worry if the baby is indeed our own is understandable. If there is reason to believe that there may have been a mix up, the patient will be within their rights to get a DNA test done. DNA testing involves taking swabs from the mouth of the baby and the parents and sending it to a specialised genetics testing lab.

The biggest worry in every IVF patient’s mind is the possibility of a mix up in their eggs and / or sperms and /or embryos with someone else’s, meaning that the baby that they are carrying is not their own. When a woman naturally conceives, the fertilization occurs inside her body and there is a […]

Make love during pregnancy, but understand your partner’s comfort

Most Indian couples do not discuss this doubt they have about having intercourse while a woman is pregnant. It may be because they are shy or consider speaking about it a taboo. They instead rely on myths and beliefs or lay literature. This further adds to confusion. In this column a doctor shares genuine advice about what can be done in such a situation

Make love during pregnancy, but understand your partner’s comfortSneha and Arun walked into my cabin. The couple was excited as they were expecting their the first baby. It was Sneha’s third month of pregnancy and her second visit to me. This time Arun’s mother was also accompanying the couple. The mother looked happy and watchful too. After the consultation we had a quick […]