Pune: Walkathon to be held for spreading awareness on glaucoma

The Pune Ophthalmologist Society (POS) has organised a walkathon on the occasion of World Glaucoma Awareness Week (March 08 to 12)

Pune: Walkathon to be held for spreading awareness on glaucoma
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After the walkathon on March 10, a public talk will be conducted glaucoma. The rally will start at 8:00 a.m. from City Pride Cinema, Kothrud and the lectures will be arranged at Thorat garden in Kothrud immediately after walkathon.

Dr Jignesh Taswala, past president of POS, said, “Under Maharashtra Ophthalmology Society (MOS) we have arranged such awareness lectures and walks in 36 districts in the state. Many times due to a lack of awareness glaucoma patients visit doctors at an advanced state.”

He added, “Once you lose vision as a result of glaucoma, then you cannot have it back. There is a need to do regular check-ups. It is for all these reasons that we want common people to be aware about glaucoma.”

Prevention and treatment

There is little known about primary prevention of glaucoma; however, there are effective methods of medical and surgical treatment if the disease is diagnosed in its early stage.

Through appropriate treatment, sight may be maintained; otherwise the progression of the condition leads eventually to severe restriction of the visual field and irreversible blindness.