‘Myths and superstitions hurdle to epilepsy treatment’

India is a country riddled with superstitions and this is a fact that keeps resurfacing time and again. Often, doctors have said that myths and beliefs about diseases and medications only result in improper treatment

One such notion has ruined the life of a 35year old Mumbai man Ramesh Singh (name changed), who has been getting seizures since many years now. Once, when he got his epileptic attack, his friend held him tightly to make him sit. The thought behind it was to protect Ramesh so that he doesn’t fall but eventually he was hurt due to a lot of pressure put on him. Ramesh has now undergone a shoulder replacement.

“He is much better in terms of intensity of seizures but had to undergo a, shoulder replacement. In this age, getting a shoulder replacement is a bane. He is doing fine with epilepsy now but his replacement has costed him a lifetime. We all must understand that dealing with people with epilepsy is simple, if kept things uncomplicated. The myths and superstitions related with epilepsy are too much,” said Dr Nirmal Surya, a senior consultant neuro-physician at Bombay hospital and the founder trustee and chairman of Epilepsy Foundation.

Myths around the disease are very prevalent, say other doctors. “All the false beliefs and myths are very common among the generation even today. This must be stopped,” said Dr Neelu Desai, consultant paediatric neurologist at PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research centre.