‘Eat seasonal, local and regional food’

Prehabilitation is like immunisation, it’s about taking preventive measures in the form of modified life style so that we don’t land up with any kind of diseases in future. Or if at all a person is suffering from any disease, it will help in the management of the disease. As development of a disease is a process, it doesn’t happen suddenly. So give your diet a healthy boost

Prehabilitation is necessary as I see rise in a number of cases of the youngsters having hypertension and diabetes. So, to combat these diseases, one has to make healthy lifestyle modifications. Prehabilitation is related to diet (ahar), physical activity (vihar) and sleep (nidra).

While talking about diet, these are few questions that on should keep in mind. What to eat? Remember that the food has to be seasonal, local and regional. Follow the traditional pattern of food which is applicable as per the regional availability, so that it will help in the management and the prevention of the diseases.

Vaidehi Nawathe, Member of Indian Dietetic Association

How to eat? Sometimes, we are stressed or are in a hurry, and if we consume the food at that time, the digestive juices present in the system to accept the food may not be available or useful for us. Even though, the food intake is proper, but the food cannot be processed due to gulping it down in a stressful situation. So chewing food is also equally important. Try to sit down on the floor and consume the food.

When to it? Consume your morning breakfast within two hours of waking up. Lunch should be around 12:00 pm and dinner should be consumed before sunset. If you are not able to follow the timings, than, control the portion of the food. Eat mindfully during night, as indulging in unhealthy food stuff can cause gases, constipation and indigestion. Don’t forcefully stuff yourself just to follow the food timings.

How to eat? Generally the stomach is divided into four parts; two parts should consist of food, one-part air and one-part water. If this balance is mentioned we won’t face any problem. Avoid overeating, as this can lead to obesity.  Food should be cooked with passion and a positive mind set.

Are you looking for healthier food alternatives or a lifestyle change? Follow these golden diet rules…

  • Food should not be consumed while standing or moving around.
  • Having meals on time is important. But don’t forcefully stuff yourself in order to follow the timings. Respect your body and listen to your body signals.
  • Don’t replace your routine diet with junk food.
  • Breakfast can be of poha, upma, chilla, idli or dosa. Avoid oats or bread.
  • Include chapatti, bhakri or rice, but the consumption of cereals should be minimal.
  • Half of the plate should be filled with vegetables in the form of cooked vegetables and raw salads.
  • Don’t consume any processed food induced with artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. And opt only for natural food items.