Zomato delivery boy turns saviour for a 7-month-old baby

His only responsibility is to bring food to your doorstep on time, but recently a Zomato delivery executive went beyond the call of duty and helped save the life of a 7-month-old baby


Saturday, November 16 was a usual day in the life of Ravi Dhokare, but little did he know that an event would unfold on that afternoon and that event would change his life. He was on his way to deliver an order, when he came across a man in the street with a baby in his hands crying out for help.

He stopped his bike and spoke to Devendra, the father of the child. He informed Ravi that his daughter was choking and she needed medical attention. Ravi was emotionally moved at this sight and decided to take the father and child to the hospital.

He played the role of an ambulance on that fateful day and whizzed internal roads of Pune to reach the hospital.

Ravi stated that he had just logged into the delivery app and was headed to Viman Nagar from Vadgaonsheri to pick up an order for delivery. He said that he came across Devendra on the road who was crying for help and asking people who passed by to help him.

Ravi used his driving skills to the best of his abilities and covered a distance of 4.3 km in 10 minutes. When they reached Columbia Asia Hospital in Kharadi it was 20 minutes since he had picked up the father and his infant daughter.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ganesh Badge, the paediatric consultant at Columbia Asia Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), informed, “Last Saturday, a Zomato delivery boy had come to the hospital with a man and his baby. The child coughed while eating food and some food entered the child’s windpipe and the child had breathing difficulties. The child is just seven-months-old and was brought to the hospital in an unconscious state.”

He added, “We immediately performed suction on the baby and started to treat him. To normalise the girl’s breathing we put her on a ventilator. Her health condition has now improved and she will be discharged today.”

Devendra will be eternally grateful to Ravi and said that he is welcome to seek any help from him at any point in his life.

Zomato took note of the noble gesture performed by Ravi and felicitated him on Wednesday, November 20.

“We salute Ravi for his humane approach and presence of mind, which saved a little girl’s life,” said a company spokesperson.

Zomato’s founder acknowledged this humanitarian act on twitter and tweeted, “Hats off, Ravi! Our delivery partners continue to inspire us to do better every day.”