Zimbabwe teacher suffering from TB since 9 years, cured by Mumbai docs

Doctors from Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai successfully managed to treat a 41-year-old man suffering from tuberculosis (TB). As treatment options were bleak in his home country, he made a decision to travel to India to seek treatment

Zimbabwe teacher suffering from TB since 9 years, cured by Mumbai docs

Dumisani Msimanga, a 41-year-old school teacher from Zimbabwe had severe pain and foul smelling pus pouring out of his chest into a bag that was connected to it since six months.

In 2017, he approached a local doctor in his country with left sided chest pain. His X-ray showed there was fluid collection in his left chest.

A tube was inserted in his left chest and daily 200ml of pus would come out of the tube into the bag connected to it. Further investigation suggested that his left lung was destroyed.

He had also been treated for tuberculosis in 2009 and had taken treatment for the same.

For six months he lived with the tube and pus pouring out of it, harbouring virulent bacteria.  A time came when he could not continue do his duty as a school teacher.

At this stage, with no ray of hope, he decided to look towards medical options in India and he came to Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai for treatment.

Explaining about his case Dr Suhas Parikh, Consultant Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery from Wockhardt Hospital said, “We evaluated his disease and treated him with antibiotics for a week. We then decided to remove the entire lung with pleura. It was expected to be a difficult task. But the operation was successfully done. Later high antibiotics were given to clear the virulent bacteria. He fully recovered and was sent back to Zimbabwe.”

In many TB cases, patient do not seek treatment due to the financial burden.  Tuberculosis is a ‘global emergency.’  With new forms of tuberculosis like Multi-drug Resistance Tuberculosis there is cause for alarm in the future.

1.7 million deaths occur per year due to tuberculosis. Total 9 million new TB cases are reported every year in the world. India continues to have the highest number of tuberculosis cases in the world, stated the Global TB Report 2017 released by World Health Organization (WHO).