Youth’s Internet addiction causes him to lose a year of college

The education of a 21-year-old boy from Panvel suffered a major setback due to his severe Internet addiction. This case study highlights the emergence of Internet addiction as a disorder which is slowly but steadily taking over the minds of youngsters

Youth’s internet addiction causes him to lose a year of college

The boy is a student who was in his first year of engineering. Vivek Singh (name changed), had developed a habit for staying online for more than 16 hours a day. He spent most of his days watching videos on YouTube and eventually neglected his studies and stopped going to college.

He went to college to appear for his exams, but he failed and had to drop out for a year. To prevent him from wasting time online his family members used to switch-off the Wi-Fi connection. This led him to act out against his family in a very violent manner.

After witnessing a change in his behaviour his parents decided to take their son to a psychiatrist to seek help. After carrying out certain psychological test upon the boy, the diagnosis revealed that he was suffering from Internet addiction.

While speaking to My Medical Manta, Dr Rahul Bhatambre, a psychiatrist from Mumbai said, “When this boy came to us for treatment, we put him on a course of medicines and started using behavioural therapy to treat his condition. He is steadily improving.”

Dr Bhatambre added, “Many youngsters are overusing the Internet and are getting addicted to it. This boy used to spent 16-hours on the Internet and also stopped attending college. He used to appear for the examination, but he failed in his exams, he got one year’s ATKT due to this.”

He further added, “His parents brought him to me after witnessing a change in his behaviour. And after tests we found out that he suffered from Internet addiction disorder. Currently, he is on-going treatment. He has now reduced his Internet usage from 16-hours to 10-hours. His condition won’t improve quickly; he will have to take it step-by-step to recover from Internet addiction.”

Vivek had become depressed and he did not understand what was happening around him. Excessive use of the Internet, spending long hours on the computer, playing games on the mobile phone are symptoms of Internet addiction. This is having a significant impact on the education and career of youngsters. Vivek’s story is just one example of this.

Dr Nutan Lohia, a psychologist from Mumbai, said, “Youngsters are more prone to suffer from Internet addiction. They do not know the difference between the real and virtual world. And they believe that whatever they see on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are true. That is why they are getting easily addicted. In such instances, it is crucial to have a strong family support to wean them off their addiction.”


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