Younger brother loses life while elder one left injured

In the gruesome stampede that claimed the lives of 23 people at Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station, two siblings, Akash Parab (19) and Rohit (11) also became victims in the accident. While the elder brother suffered severe injuries in the accident, the younger one couldn’t survive


In the gruesome stampede that occurred on September 29 during the peak hours at Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station, there were two brothers who suffered an inexplicable tragedy in the accident.

A 19-year-old Akash Parab and his 11-year-old younger brother Rohit left from Kanjurmarg in the morning of September 29 to reach Elphinstone Road. Both of them become victims in the Elphinstone Road bridge stampede.

Rohit, who was walking beside his elder brother Akash, got lost in the crowd. As soon as he realised about that, Akash started his endless search for his younger brother but in vain.  During the stampede, Akash also suffered a severe leg injury and may need to be operated.

Until that evening, the Parab family wasn’t able to find Rohit’s whereabouts and was distressed to not find him. Despite being in severe pain himself, Akash was constantly asking about Rohit. It was later in the evening that Parab family identified Rohit’s body and performed his last rites. Akash still hasn’t been informed about Rohit’s demise.

“We haven’t told Akash about Rohit’s death yet. Rohit’s body was identified late in evening and then his last rites were performed,” said Rajashri Gujvatkar, Akash’s paternal aunt who lives in Vikhroli.

“Though we haven’t told Akash yet, I think he has an idea,” said Akash’s uncle who lives in Sindhudurg who reached Saturday morning to see Akash.

Akash’s parents Ankita and Ankush Parab are trying to be composed in front of Akash after the loss of their younger son. They are trying to do their best to take care of their elder son.