Yavatmal: Water contamination causes diarrhoea in 445 people in Kolwan village

Due to contaminated water, about 445 people in Kolwan village have been suffering from diarrhoea. Along with a team of doctors named Shyam Kumar Shinde has organised a health camp for these patients, with the assistance of a team doctors

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While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shyam Kumar Shinde, who is the health officer at Arni tehsil, said, “The people are suffering from diarrhoea due to contaminated water. On Friday, we treated 445 people. 65 patients were administered saline. Among them one or two patients are in a critical condition and have been sent to the rural hospital.”

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He further said, “On Saturday, we examined 152 patient and patients who were critical were sent to the hospital. We have decided to continue this health camp till the situation improves.”