Man regains voice after doctors perform complex surgery at JJ Hospital

Doctors at Mumbai’s state-run JJ Hospital have helped a man to regain his ability to speak after successfully performing a tricky surgery on a 27-year-old patient


  • Doctors from Mumbai’s state-run Sir JJ Group of Hospital have performed a very delicate and rare surgery
  • Doctors performed ‘Laryngotreaheal reconstruction’ surgery on a patient who could not speak properly due to ‘tracheostomy’ procedure
  • The surgery was performed by Dr Philip Muniyar who hails from Switzerland and was assisted by Dr Sriniwas Chavan, Head of the department ENT at Sir JJ hospital

A few days ago, a 27-year-old patient had come to Mumbai’s Sir JJ Group of Hospital, with the complaint of voice box and breathing issues.

When doctors checked the history of the patient, they came to know that the patient was treated at Government Medical College, Yavatmal, after he was bitten by a snake.

As he was suffering from breathing problems, doctors had done at ‘tracheostomy’ procedure on him.

Owing to which the patient could not breathe properly and had difficulties while speaking as well.

After doing the required tests, Dr Sriniwas Chavan explained the patient about the ‘laryngotreaheal reconstruction’ surgery

Dr Sriniwas Chavan, HOD, ENT, JJ Hospital
Dr Sriniwas Chavan, HOD, ENT, JJ Hospital

In this procedure, the damaged part is removed and the voice box is then attached to the windpipe. The procedure of this type is hardly done in civic and government-run hospitals

Within 24 hours after the surgery was performed, the patient regained his original voice and could now speak without difficulties.

Dr Sriniwas Chavan, HOD, ENT, Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, said, “‘Laryngotreaheal reconstruction surgery’ is performed at a very few hospitals across the states. We have done the second such surgery at JJ Hospital. This surgery is beneficial to those patients who have got minor injuries to the windpipe through road accident or through poison or long term incubation in a coma.”

He added, “We have removed the damaged part of the windpipe, and reconstructed the remaining part of the trachea. With this surgery, the patient has regained his voice and now can live his normal life.”

Dr Ajay Chandanwale, dean of Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, lauded the entire team which carried out the operation. He praised the ENT and anaesthesia department, along with Dr Philip Muniyar and Srinivas Chavan for successfully pulling off this surgery.