#WorldNurseDay: Two generations of nursing care

Long working hours and shifts take a toll on everyone and hospital nurses are no exception. Nurses also face numerous challenges such as varicose veins, spinal disorders, and so on. But they still do not complain as they take their inspiration from Florence Nightingale who was determined to go ahead, despite the circumstances that lay before her

#WorldNurseDay: Two generations of nursing care

Similarly, Vasantrao Ghoghare and his family in Pune are also giving nursing care services since their last two generations. Vasantrao gave his services as a brother at Sassoon Hospital, Pune, for 28 years. The Ghoghare daughters, Megha, Sandhya, and Shailaja continue to follow in their father’s footsteps in providing nursing care services. On May 12, this International Nurses Day, My Medical Mantra spoke with Megha Pawar, daughter of Vasantrao Ghogare.

#WorldNurseDay: Two generations of nursing care
Megha Pawar

How did the nursing professional start at your home?

Megha Pawar: My father started nursing work in our house. He used to work in a bicycle shop. There was a hospital beside this shop, and very often, he used to see patients coming to the hospital. Sometimes, poor patients would come to the hospital, but could not get admitted due to their financial conditions. So, my father decided to start a nursing care facility. Through this facility, he provided nursing care facility to the poor. For this, he trained for three years. He then started working as a brother in Sassoon Hospital, Pune, from 1966 to 1994.

After him, we three sisters decided to accept and continue the work of nursing care. Accordingly, I took training in nursing and started working as a nurse at ESIS hospital, Pune. My younger sister Sandhya is currently working in a hospital in Aundh district. And my youngest sister, Shailaja Daware also worked as a nurse for five years in a hospital.

Why did you and sisters choose this profession?

#WorldNurseDay: Two generations of nursing care
Vasantrao Ghoghare

Megha Pawar: Since our childhood, we have seen our father doing this. He has given his nursing services to a lot of patients. He helped the people who could not afford the services as well as the poor people. Seeing his dedication, we got inspired and we also desired to be a nurse. So, my sisters and I decided to take up nursing training.

How was your experience in nursing?

Megha Pawar: After nursing training, I worked in this field for 36 years. I worked as a nurse at ESIS hospital in Aundh. This January, I retired from the profession and now I am a housewife. My nursing experience was good. Each patient is different. Not only by medication, but talking to the patient can also improve the condition. Understand and treat the patient as a relative. This also makes the patient feel good. Even after retirement, in the neighbourhood, people call me urgently if anyone needs me. So, somewhere or the other my physician’s work is still going on.

An event that you would like to share?

A nurse is said to pay attention to the patients, but they also have to look at the things happening around them. An emergency can occur any time and you should be ready for that. One such incident happened to me. I and one of my friends, who was also a nurse, were working together; suddenly she started coughing and could not breathe properly. I took her to the hospital and then I realised that she suffered a heart attack. Then I understood that an emergency can happen at any time.

#WorldNurseDay: Two generations of nursing care
The three sisters who have worked as nurses in their lifetime

How would you describe a nurse as?

As a nurse, we have to make a good relationship with the patient. We have to talk with them in a positive manner and express our affection towards them. If a nurse interacts with a patient in such a manner, it helps to cure the patient by 50 per cent.