WorldMentalHealthDay: Pune mental hospital ‘family ward’ to unite patient and family

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the Pune’s regional mental hospital started a ‘Family Ward’ in the hospital. Where the family of the patient can stay with the patient


The regional mental hospital in Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra, has started a Family Ward for the patients suffering from mental illness.

The ward aims to bring the patients and the family together. So that the patients can spend time with their families

Past week, on October 02, the ward began to function.


For a patient, the family is like a backbone to get back to his/her feet. Family’s support, bonding, and a positive atmosphere at home play a crucial role for a person suffering from an illness to recover.

The regional mental hospital in Yerawada, Pune, with an aim to unite the patient with mental health issues with their family, and for their quick recovery, has started a Family Ward in the hospital. The family members of a patient can stay with the patients in the ward, which started functioning on October 02.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Abhijit Fadnis, Superintendent of Pune’s Yerawada regional mental hospital, said, “On October 2, we started this ward. When we started this, we had three families staying here. Now, one patient has been discharged, so currently, two families are staying with the patient.”

Dr Fadnis further added, “At one time, families of five patients can stay here. However, until now, the response is not that good. People who are coming to the hospital, admit the patients and leave immediately. If we receive good response from the patients and the families, then we will continue the ward.”