#WorldEnvironmentDay: Kangana Ranaut urges people to stop plastic usage

She is Bollywood’s heartthrob; she is a diva and a superstar. She is the ‘Queen’ of Bollywood. But, unlike you and me, she is feeling chocked and unable to breathe. Like a common Mumbaikar, she too, is feeling suffocated. So, she has started a campaign, to unclog the Mumbai’s arteries (its rivers and sewage system)

World Environment Day: Kangana Ranaut urges people to stop plastic usage

Yes, we are talking about Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Kangana has posted her picture on a social networking site, with a plastic bag completely covering her face. And the message reads, ‘Stop Plastic Suffocation.’

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, Kangana has lent her support to the United Nations #RallyForRivers, a campaign against pollution caused due to the plastic use.

Kangana has posted a 10 second video, on social media and has appealed to people to cover their face, to see how suffocated we feel after covering our face with the plastic bag, similarly are rivers and sewage system is congested and obstructed due to the massive amount of plastic being dumped into it. The actress has urged people to stop using plastic and join her in the fight to end the menace of plastic.

Other Bollywood celebs have also posted their videos appealing people to do away with plastic usage. Actress Dia Mirza has posted a video and has challenged a number of celebs to stop using plastic products to save the environment.

Recently, the Maharashtra government had implemented a plastic ban to reduce wastage and protect the environment.