#WorldDiabetesDay: With a timely diagnosis, diabetes can be controlled: Say doctors

Startling figures reveal that over the course of four years, five lakh people are suffering from diabetes, and among this figure 25 per cent of people fall under the high risk zone


On the eve of #WorldDiabetesDay, the government of Maharashtra releases the data of their recent survey.

  • The survey shows, with 6.5 crore diabetic patients, India is on the verge of being Diabetes capital of the world.
  • Four years back, to find out undetected diabetes cases in the rural areas, the Maharashtra government had started a campaign.
  • In the past four years, the government has screened over 2.68 crore people in the health camps.
  • Of which, around 5 lakh people are found to be suffering from diabetes, since the past four years.
  • Eight lakh people are found to be suffering from hypertension.

Moreover, around 25 % of the people are suffering from different diseases, and are in the high-risk zone of getting affected with diabetes.

Often, India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. In India, currently, around 6.50 crore people are diabetic patients. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, and November 14, is observed as World Diabetes Day.

In metropolitan cities, people are aware of diabetes and can avail the treatment, but, what about those people who are living in rural areas? With this thought in mind, the Maharashtra government, in the year 2014, launched a campaign to locate the hidden case of diabetes and other associated diseases.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sadhana Tayde, Additional Director, Health Services, Non-communicable disease, said, “Like cancer and HIV, there is a threat of diabetes as well. Around 40 per cent of the people are diabetes patients and are undergoing treatment. With a timely diagnosis, we can control the disease.”

Initially, the state government launched the campaign in four districts of the state. With the aid from ASHA and Aanganwadi workers, the government did a door-to-door survey in the rural areas. In the second phase, sixteen more districts were looped in, where the survey is still undergoing.

Dr Balu Mote, State programme manager, Non-communicable disease, said, “In the survey, we found out 25 % people belong to the high-risk zone of suffering from diabetes. They are suffering from other illnesses and likely to suffer from diabetes too. In our door-to-door survey, people above the age of 30 were surveyed. So far, as many as 70% of the population has been surveyed in 19 districts.”

The ASHA and Aanganwadi workers were also trained to locate the cases of non-communicable diseases.

Dr Pradeep Gadge, Diabetologist from Mumbai, while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “In Mumbai, around 20 % of people are diabetes patients. From January to October 2018, we surveyed 5,888 people, of which 1814 people are diabetes patients. Timely and proper guidance is important to keep diabetes under control.”