World Stroke Day: Early diagnosis can make a huge difference

Getting treatment fast should be your first priority when dealing with a stroke. Every second matters because each moment without oxygen damages your brain


The prevalence of stroke has increased by over 50% in the past two decades in India. The contribution of this disease to total deaths and disease burden in the country has almost doubled in the past 25 years.

Theprevalence of stroke is the same for men and women until the age of 50, post which, women are at higher risk of suffering a stroke.

On January 05, 2018 Pradeep Khedekar, a 61-year-old, Thane resident was finding it rather difficult to walk around his house. At first, he sat down for a few minutes, but, then he began to feel that something was amiss when he began to feel weakness in his left leg.

Khedekar said, “Initially, I felt that I would be able to walk in sometime but when this problem continued I decided that I immediately need to see a doctor.”

Khedekar visited Dr Nirmal Surya at his clinic in Marine Lines, Mumbai.

Dr Nirmal Surya, a neurosurgeon at Bombay Hospital, said, “Upon diagnosis I realise that Pradeep had just suffered a stroke. I ran an MRI and my doubts were confirmed. He experienced a stroke due to a blockage in a nerve of the brain.”

Dr Surya advised Pradeep to immediately admit himself to the hospital. At the hospital Dr Surya performed the necessary medical procedure to clear the nerve blockage which caused due to a blood clot. The patient also had a history of high blood pressure. Dr Surya gave him medicine to lower his blood pressure.

Khedekar stated that he is grateful to Dr Surya for treating him in the nick of time and saving his life.

Recalling that fateful day, when Khedekar came to him to see treatment. Dr Surya, said, “Thankfully, Pradeep sought medical help in time. Early diagnosis is crucial in the line of treatment. At the time, the left side of his body was paralysed due to the stroke. But, as he came to me within the golden hour, we were able to treat him effectively. He is completely fine now and can easily walk around.”