#WorldSpineDay: Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise to blame for spinal problems

Our spines are the structure that surrounds the spinal cord, and is extremely important as the spinal cord connects to the brain and is the pathway that allows our brain to interact with the entire rest of the body i.e. all the muscles in the body, organs, and all other systems within the body, and this is the reason, why it is so important to maintain a healthy spine

World Spine Day: Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise to blame for spinal problems

An unhealthy spine can interfere with the entire central nervous system and can also cause a host of unwelcome health issues such as pain, numbness, and weakness in the arms and legs, impaired breathing and digestion and impaired control of the bowel and bladder.

On the occasion of World Spine Day, doctors informed that around 30 to 40 per cent of the patients suffer spine problem due to a faulty lifestyle and lack of exercise. Around 5 to 10 per cent of spinal problems are due to jerks people experience while driving on speed breakers on the road. Doctors also note that, in the total number of patients that they are seeing, around 3 to 5 per cent of patients are children who are suffering from spine related problems because the load of heavy school bags.

Doctors stress that spine surgery is the last resort and around 95 per cent of the patients can get rid of their spinal problems with simple interventions like regular exercise.

Dr Shailesh Hadgaonkar, consultant orthopaedic spine surgeon at Sancheti hospital, Pune, said, “These days we are treating about 40 per cent of patients, who come from an IT industry background or other such service sector industry, who are living a sedentary life. They are often suffering from lumbar spondylitis. Among children 03 to 05 per cent of children are getting myofacial pain and sprain due to heavy school bags.”

“These days with a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, obesity is on the rise. Abdominal obesity causes poor core strength in spinal muscles and hence we are witnessing a 30 per cent rise in the incidence of back pain these days. Heavy school bags lead to postural kyphosis in kids and biomechanical low back pain in children,” said Dr Ajay Kothari, consultant spine specialist from Pune.

Dr Ketan Khurjekar, spine specialist, said, “Speed breakers are the cause of cervical spondylitis. A numbers of school children are having back pain and such cases are increasing these days. Daily exercise is the best way to avoid spine related problems.”

Doctor’s advice to get rid of spine related problems:

Yoga strengthens the spinal column by building muscles in the back.

While cooking people should avoid bending awkwardly.

Getting exposure to sun, this in turn helps in the production of Vitamin D in the body.

Consult a doctor even if you have a slight back pain and ensure that it does not worsen over time.

Simple alterations in your lifestyle like avoiding junk food and ensuring daily exercise can make a big difference.