World Sleep Day: ‘Good sleep is a prerequisite for productivity, efficiency and healthy life’

Ahead of World Sleep Day (March 16), a Pan India survey shows Indians have a direct correlation between increasing salary and ease of falling asleep. The India Sleep and Wellness survey, commissioned by a private mattresses company, was conducted among working professionals above the age of 25 in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

World Sleep Day: ‘Good sleep is a prerequisite for productivity, efficiency and a healthy life’
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In the survey, it was found that over two thirds of the sound sleepers believed they are 100% productive at work; whereas more than half of those who reported getting insufficient sleep, believed they were only 75% (or less) productive.

Interestingly, people below the age group of 30, sleep better compared to their older counterparts. Adults over the age of 30, are twice as likely to have sleep related problems and adults over 45 years are three times more likely to have sleep related problems.

The study further revealed that Bangaloreans go to bed the earliest (between 10 pm and 11 pm); whereas Mumbai has the highest proportion of night owls who sleep after midnight, perhaps owing to long commutes that are a norm in Mumbai.

Bangalore has a better record of falling asleep as compared to Delhi and Mumbai and this is mainly attributed to relatively lower noise levels, however, Bangaloreans report a lower quality of sleep and have difficulty sustaining it.

The research findings also demonstrate that people who eat less than two hours before going to sleep are fifty per cent more likely to have sleep related issues. More Delhiites head to bed with a somewhat heavy or heavy dinner, whereas Mumbaikars keeps it light

Dr Himanshu Garg, a Somnologist (sleep expert) and founder of Aviss Health, said, “Sleep is the most underrated natural resource. With people socialising till late at night and working over time, they are losing out on quality sleep. Children preparing for exams are also losing out on sleep. They are trying to pack in more and they do not realise that the REM phase of sleep, the deepest phase, is when information gets best absorbed and by sleeping late, students are missing out on it.  For long-lasting productivity, efficiency, memory and to prevent serious diseases, good sleep is a prerequisite.”