Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Marwadis and Muslims more prone to diabetes, finds survey

Among the communities 14% of youngsters were at a higher risk of developing diabetes. The survey was based upon a standard questionnaire which included questions about eating habits, lifestyle, family history and physical activity


  • Gadge Diabetes Centre conducted a screening of 5888 people from Jan, 2018 to October 15, 2018 among different communities for diabetes age group varying from 20 years to 60 years and above.
  • Out of 5,888 people, 1,814 people diagnosed with high sugar comprising of 806 males and 1,008 females.
  • The study has been conducted in various parts of western suburb from Andheri to Dahisar among communities Marathi, Gujarati, Marwadi, Muslim, Punjabi, South Indians and others with an intention of the study to understand the prevalence of diabetes in different communities.

The findings revealed that Marathi, Gujarati and Marwardis are more prone to diabetes in comparison to other communities. Along similar lines Muslims are also equal to these communities on the basis of being prone to develop diabetes.

Out of total 5,888 people, total were 1,814 diabetic comprising of Gujarati diabetic patients were 418, Marathi are 398, Marwadi 392, South Indian 78, Punjabi 98, Bengali 69, Muslim 278 and others were 83. Female were 1008 whereas male was 806. Age group 20-40 were 263, whereas 822 patients were from 41 to 60 years and 729 were above 61 years. In total, diabetes patient 14.49% are falls in the age group of 20 to 40 which is alarming.

Dr Pradeep Gadge, Chief Diabetologist, Gadge Diabetes Centre said, “We have done more than 100 screening camps in different locations from Andheri to Dahisar. Diabetes has taken place in each and every house. Diabetes being a lifestyle disorder its prevalence depends on dietary behaviour and cultural factors. Also ethnicity, your work pattern (sedentary or active), mental stress decides your diabetes risk.”

Certain communities like Gujaratis and Marwadis are more prone to diabetes due to their dietary pattern (high carb & high fat intake) and also due to sedentary lifestyle as well as mental stress (since most are businessman & have high mental stress) plus sleep deprivation.

Maharashtrians on the other hand are predominantly carb eaters which increase their risk. With Muslim community the risks are more as they eat high fat, calories dense foods (especially non-vegetarian) and have erratic dietary timings said, Dr Gadge.

Patients screened during the free diabetes check-up camps between Jan 2018 to Oct 15, 2018. In the localities form Andheri to Dahisar, between the age groups of 20 to 60 years of age and above.

Caste Total patients screened Total diabetic patients Percentage
Marathi 1000 398 39.8%
Gujarati 1000 418 41.8%
Marwadi 1000 392 39.2%
South Indian 500 78 15.6%
Punjabi 500 98 19.6%
Bengali 500 69 13.8%
Muslim 1000 278 27.8%
Others 388 83 21.39175258
Total 5888 1814