Woman suffers burns while lighting diya

Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights, involves colours and fireworks. But it could also turn dark if you do not take proper care. This year too, the plastic surgeons and burn specialists witnessed people suffering from burn injuries due to fireworks. Experts say that it’s not so much about lighting crackers but more so about the way to light it

Woman suffers burns while lighting diya
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The festival, which signifies the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, people decorate their houses with oil lamps, burst firecrackers and prepare delicious sweets. Like most of us, on Thursday evening Nita Pandey (name changed) was lighting diya at her house in Thane, when her saree caught fire. Immediately, she rushed to the local doctor who then directed her to the National Burns Centre (NBC).

Her lower-half of the body sustained 30% burns. Hence, she urgently needs to undergo a skin grafting surgery today. Luckily for her, she was bought to NBC within 6 hours of  burns.

“Actually, this year we were expecting very little burns. However, we have already got 14 burns patients till now. Of which, 12 were from crackers- specially from flowerpots and the other two, are like Pandey- while lighting diyas,” said Dr Sunil Keswani, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, Medical Director at National Burns Centre.


Not only NBC, but a lot of plastic surgeons in the city have been visited by patients because of crackers. Experts say that it’s not so much about lighting crackers but more so about the way to light it. “In the west, a lot of crackers are burst during Halloween, but the reason we have so many patients here post Diwali, is because we follow a very unsafe way of lighting crackers,” said Dr. Debraj Shome, facial plastic surgeon at Saifee and director, The Esthetic Clinics.

“I have seen children lighting Lakshmi bombs by keeping it in their hands. We must know that there is a correct way of lighting crackers too. I have got two patients who were passers-by. One of who lost his eye. All in all, precautions and safety must be maintained,” added Dr Shome.

On the contrary, Dr Avinash Supe, Dean of KEM Hospital said that, now-a-days people are aware about the safety measures to be taken while bursting the firewowrks. “Awareness about fireworks and its careful use has come to the fore. Hence, we witnessed very few patients coming with cracker burns,” said Dr Avinash Supe, Dean of KEM Hospital.