Woman loses uterus but doctors save her baby

It was an intense moment for Sharmila Mane, (name changed) when she came to know that placenta that provides nutrition and oxygen to baby is abnormally surrounding her uterus. Doctors explained her about the risk involved if post-delivery that it leads to heavy bleeding. But last week, Mane delivered a baby boy with minimal blood loss of just 300 ml. even though she lost her uterus she thanked the doctors for saving her and her baby

Woman loses uterus but doctors save her baby

  • Placenta provide nutrition and oxygen to baby. Normally baby is delivered first. Then placenta is delivered. 
  • Placenta attached on mouth of womb separates and delivers before baby. It causes life threatening torrential bleeding risking mother and baby’s life.
  • This dangerous situation is called placenta previa. Few patients of Placenta Previa are even more dangerous. It is called placenta previa accreta which is rare in occurrence as it is seen one in one lakh cases. 

Dr Gopalkrishna Gawade, who treated her at Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel Cantonment General Hospital, Pune, said, “Placenta Previa Acreta invades uterine wall and destroy it. Separation of this placenta causes even more bleeding. Uterus gets 700 ml blood every minute. Mother only has 6 litters of blood.  If placenta bleeds with full force then mother can go into shock within 5 minutes. Placenta previa caesarean bleeding gives little time to save mother.    Placenta (previa acreta) gives further less time. We did it with minimal blood loss of 300 ml.”

He added, “In her case, placenta was abnormally attached to mouth of womb surrounding her uterus. Though, we removed her uterus we have not taken out her ovaries and so there will  be no hormonal change.”

The doctors delivered the baby by taking her uterus out. ” I lost my uterus but  I am thankful that doctors saved me and my baby,” said Mane.