‘With age, one must have a strict exercise routine’

A bariatric surgeon’s life can be quite challenging. With most surgeries scheduled in the first half of the day and the second half in the Out Patient Department (OPD), taking care of oneself can be a task. However, at 58, Dr Ramen Goel manages everything while being a perfect example of being a super jock


Toughness is a matter of the mind and not of the body, or so proves a gym-junkie doctor at the age of 58 in Mumbai. Tough, gym-freak and fiercely fit are the adjectives for Dr Ramen Goel, Senior Bariatric Surgeon, Director- Centre of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, Wockhardt Hospitals.

His usual day starts by having lemonade with honey and dry fruits followed by an hour at the gym. “I am very particular about my gym routine. Even while I go for conferences, I make sure my hotels have a proper gym. Post my gym work out, I have my breakfast. Never skip this meal of the day,” said Dr Goel.

“With age, one must have a stricter exercise routine to keep bones and smiles fit,” he added.

Dr Ramen Goel
Dr Ramen Goel

His routine breakfast includes protein-shakes, sprouts, breads or chapattis or egg whites. “I make sure I eat something in every three hours. This actually reduces my craving for eating junk because I am not starving,” he informed.

Home-made food can never be beaten. “I always have anything and everything without oil. I have lunch at 12 noon. Even rotis or chapattis are sans oil.”

After this, he has fruits/ carrots/ peanuts for snacks. “I have my dinner at 7:00 pm. Dinner is one vegetable, one protein food item and two chapattis.”

Ask him if he restrains anything from outside and he laughs. “No. I just tell the waiter about all my requirements. They happily serve it everywhere these days. It’s all about what you want. I get custom-made food for myself. But certainly, exercise cannot be missed, at any cost.”