Winter: Banish your skin and hair woes

Winter weather is not fun for skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which then steals moisture away from the skin every second of every day. Without immediate care, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding, and harsh winter wind makes the problem worse. Also, you can’t ignore the fact that the dry and dreary weather can wreak havoc on your hair if the right precautions aren’t taken. To tackle this, experts list out essential skin and hair care tips


Just as you would ‘winterise’ your wardrobe, you should also ‘winterise’ your skin and hair. As the cold and dry air can really play havoc with your skin and hair, say experts.

Dr Abhay Talathi, dermatologist, SkinSpace clinic, Mumbai said, “Use right quality and quantity of moisturiser depending upon your skin type and dryness the skin experiences due to the weather. Consult your dermatologist for guidance. Talking about hair, use conditioners or hair oils for frizzy hair.”

Dr Talathi says:

  • Use right quality and quantity of moisturisers
  • Avoid using harsh soaps : Use syndets or moisturising body washes for bathing
  • Wash your hair thrice-a-week with a good anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Skin diseases like eczemas and psoriasis are on rise in winters so seek proper treatment

According to experts, one should maintain a good skin and hair care routine. Dr Amit Karkhanis, Medical cosmetologist and Director of Dr Tvacha clinic informed, “Apply moisturiser within 2 to 3 minutes of  bathing or washing the face. A moisturiser prevents moisture from escaping the skin.”

Dr Karkhanis says:

  • Use a sunscreen
  • Whenever you use anti-dandruff shampoo, keep it for 4 to 5 minutes and wash it off
  • Use serum for hair
  • Oil your hair the previous day and wash it off the next day

Simple skin and hair care tips:

  • Avoid bathing with very hot water, using harsh face washes and hot air blow drying
  • Use cream-based moisturising face washes or soap-free cleansers instead
  • If your lips crack, do not pull out the flakes. Avoid licking your lips. Use a hydrating lip balm regularly