Wife saved four lives by donating her husband’s organs

After knowing that she has lost her husband forever, one courageous wife donated her husband’s organs after he was declared brain dead

Wife saved four lives by donating her husband’s organs

Four lives were saved by a woman who donated her husband’s organs after he was declared brain dead at Charni Road’s Saifee Hospital. Even though she knew that she has lost her husband, she mustered courage and decided to donate his organs.

61-year-old Ganpat Mohite (name changed) who lives in Chira bazar, Mumbai, experienced sudden headaches. When the treatment given by the local doctor failed to work, the family members admitted thim to Saifi hospital on 7th August. He was being treated for past four-five days. But on 12 August, he was declared brain dead.

Despite knowing that her husband will not be with her forever, the wife decided to donate her husband’s organs. Ganpat’s liver, kidneys and eyes were donated to the people in the need of organ donation.

While talking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shabana Khan, transplant department coordinator, Saifee Hospital, said that “Ganpat was admitted to the hospital as he was suffering from headache. But he was declared brain dead while the treatment was going on. Relatives were asked to grant permission regarding organ donation as one donor can save upto 8 lives. It took 12 hours for us to make Ganpat’s family understand about the importance of organ donation, after which his wife granted permission.”

She added, “Ganpat’s liver was transplanted to a patient from the Apollo hospital, while his one kidney was transplanted to a 26-year-old patient of Fortis hospital, who was on dialysis. His other kidney was transplanted to a patient form Saifee hospital. Apart from this, his eyes also have been donated.”

In 2015, organ donation was done in Mumbai for 42 times, in which, 37 livers, 72 kidneys and 5 hearts were transplanted, after which many patients got a new lease of life. In 2016, the organ donation gained momentum. And in 2017, in Mumbai, organ donation took place for 33 times. 40 kidneys, 29 livers, 20 hearts and one lung were donated. This shows that that the awareness regarding the organ donation is prevailing amongst people.

Still many are in need of organs:

People have started taking initiative to donate organs, due to the public awareness created organised by the government. However, the number of donors is inadequate compared to the number of recipients.

According to the information given by the Departmental Transplant Coordinator Committee (ZTCC), “From January 2017 till now, 3238 recipients are awaiting kidney transplant, 240 for liver, and 34 are awaiting heart transplant, while 10 patients are still waiting for lung transplant since many years.”