Mobile phone and Wi-Fi radiation is a slow and silent killer

Actress Juhi Chawla expresses concern about the increase in overuse of mobile phones and Wi-Fi and the ill-effects of Electromagnetic Field radiation


Nowadays, everyone is using mobile phones, iPads, laptops and many types of wireless equipment. It is becoming a part of our daily lives and we are so addicted to it that we are overlooking the dangers and harms it is causing to our health.

Have you seen the long queues of ill people in hospitals? In the near future, these queues are only going to get longer and longer and one day even you, I and our children will be in that queue. Have you ever wondered why despite our modern lifestyles, more comforts and conveniences are we not in the best of health?

Is it because we have been busy making these comforts and conveniences for ourselves, in the disguise of progress and development, that we have poisoned and polluted everything around us?

Today, our food is infused with chemicals, rivers are flowing with toxins, air is polluted with fumes and this is rapidly increasing every day. Now, we are adding one more such to the list of health evils, Electromagnetic Field radiation, which is radiated 24×7 from mobile tower antennae and now even Wi-Fi hotspots will do the same harm.

Juhi Chawla

On August 6, 2016, Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis announced that Mumbai will get 1,200 Wi-Fi hotspots by May1, 2017. Of course, having Wi-Fi accesses anywhere and everywhere will help everyone to stay connected and informed. We will be able to watch movies on the go, Google search at our whims and fancies, and FaceTime as well at will.

But let’s take a pause and think about this. Is there a need to be more connected or is this just about increasing our convenience? And what is the cost of this added convenience? Just as a coin has two sides, every new development has a positive and negative. Huge telecom companies are pushing for this new development, but they will rarely let you know the negative aspect of the development.

Any public Wi-Fi hotspot can be hacked and eavesdropped easily

Our bank accounts, credit cards or any other financial transaction on public Wi-Fi can be easily hacked. Our personal information on social media can be easily accessed by hackers.

Public access to Wi-Fi can be a major security hazard

Terrorist groups communicate with each other on the digital platform. If they have easy access to Wi-Fi, you will be aiding them to communicate effortlessly, with a bonus of anonymity. We have witnessed terrorist groups communicating with each other, media and the police using Wi-Fi networks during New Delhi and Ahmedabad bomb blasts. We also don’t want another 26/11in Mumbai.

And the latest development of making free Wi-Fi available at railway stations has raised serious concerns. Recently, came across a report which stated that youth at Patna railway station were watching porn films using the free Wi-Fi service, in the absence of any supervision and control.  This raises concern as it may affect the safety of women in the country.

What about the effect on public health?

In a densely populated city, people living close to the Wi-Fi Hotspots will be exposed to constant and intense 24×7 radiation from the Wi-Fi besides the existing mobile tower antennae, located at close distances from citizens’ bedrooms.

Wi-Fi gadgets do not operate on magic

Mobile phones, iPads, wireless computers, Bluetooth, mobile tower antennae and other gadgets operate on microwaves. Yes, waves very close in range to the microwaves are used in microwave ovens to heat food. In simple words, what we are creating is an ever-increasing web of microwaves in the air around us.  The number and the intensity of these microwaves are increasing exponentially with every new high frequency technology introduced. Unfortunately, we cannot smell, taste, hear or see these microwaves around us. The microwave radiation around us is on day and night, every day, every night.

Even the best of things in excess turn harmful

All animals and humans are bio-electrical units. Our brain connects to the rest of the body through nerves in which electrical impulses/signals are passed, which are known as synapse. Microwaves interfere with these impulses/signals and over time slowly develop into serious neurological problems.

Microwaves are absorbed by water and reflected by metal. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, which means that our bodies are absorbing microwaves, which are around us 24×7. This is why continuous, long-term exposure to these microwaves will affect your health and it can affect any part of the body.

As microwaves will further disturb a part of the anatomy that is soft, weak and stressed due to any reason, pregnant women, children, elderly and the infirm are at highest risk.

No proof of harm is not proof of any harm

We are not against technology, but we are certainly against the Wi-Fi technology, unless it is proved beyond doubt that EMF radiation is totally safe.

How can the government or the industry unleash such an extensive amount of radiation without confirming its safety? Where are the studies to prove its safety on pregnant women, children, the elderly and the infirm? We need to see the proof of safety.

It is with good reason that our former minister of state communications and Information Technology, Milind Deora, has said, “We wouldn’t want that 20 years down the line we have an entire population of young children, adults and old suffering from various health effects due to our negligence, our inaction or our ignorance.”

EMF radiation is a slow and silent killer

The effects of microwave radiation are not visible in a day; EMF radiation is a slow and silent killer affecting not only humans but all biological beings birds, bees and plants.

It starts with small common irritants like headaches, blood pressure, nausea, discomfort, depression, muscle pain, dizziness, insomnia, which we neglect, thinking it is due to work stress or erratic lifestyle and which later leads to major health concerns like infertility, PCOD, PCOS, miscarriage, paralysis, Alzheimer, brain stroke, seizure, among others.

Precautions you can take while using your phone:

  • Text instead of calling
  • If you have a choice to use landline instead of mobile phone, then use it
  • Use wired headset for long phone calls
  • Do not call when you are in car, train and elevator
  • Do not keep your mobile phones in your side pocket or back pocket
  • Put your mobile phone on airplane mode while sleeping
  • Turn off your mobile phone when not in use or divert calls to your landline
  • When you dial a number let the call connect first and then you hold against your ear with some distance

The views expressed in this article are entirely of the author’s.