Why snoring can be harmful to your health

Snoring may disrupt your sleep, or that of your partner. Even if it’s not bothering you too much, it’s not a condition to ignore. In fact, snoring may be a sign of a serious health condition


If you snore, you’re not alone. It happens when air flows through your throat when you breathe in your sleep. This causes the relaxed tissues in your throat to vibrate and cause harsh, irritating snoring sound. It can also cause obstructive sleep apnoea (blocked airways), obesity and sleep deprivation. Moreover, children who are obese tend to snore too.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Shashank Shah, bariatric surgeon said, “Due to changing lifestyle, children tend to eat uncovered food which is available outside. Owing to which, children tend to gain weight which leads to snoring. The worried parents take their children to the doctors. During which, they are diagnosed of heart conditions too.”


  • You wake up choking or gasping
  • Sore throat
  • Restless sleep
  • Gasping or choking at night

Dr Rohit Narvekar, paediatrician from Kohinoor Hospital said, “Like adults, children also tend to snore. Obesity is the main reason, due to which, they choke and fell suffocated while snoring.”

Dr Ganesh Shinde, Dean of Cooper Hospital, said, “There are two main reasons of smoking – physical and mental. Daytime fatigue, headache, chest pain and weight gain are some of the causes, while obesity is the leading cause.”