Tell me my friend, why should I work: An emotional poem penned by a doctor on the recent attacks

Dr Chaitnaya Kulkarni, a resident from Government medical college, Kolhapur, has penned down a poem questioning why patients overlook efforts made by doctors to save their lives and attack them mercilessly. Dr Kulkarni has written this poem following a brutal assault on one of the resident doctors in Dhule, after which 4,500 resident doctors had gone on strike for five days

When lifesavers lives are in peril, resident doctor pens a poem on doctor’s assault

“Resident doctors work round the clock. Sometimes, the shift duty stretches for 48 hours and for whom do we work? We work because every life is precious for us and in return what do we get? We get abused and assaulted by patients and their relatives,” said Dr Chaitanya Kulkarni, a resident doctor at Government Medical College, Kolhapur.

Resident doctors have been vocal about their demands and fear that they feel after several assault cases were reported from across the state. But, Kulkarni has taken a step further and penned down his feelings in the form of a heartfelt poem.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Kulkarni said, “I wanted to bring this harsh reality of a doctor’s life and I put my emotions in this poem.”

Kulkarni, a second year General Medicine resident doctor at Government College Kolhapur, said, “Resident doctor is always the first responder to the crises. He does everything that he can with the resources available to him. But, in the end if anything goes wrong, then it is this very doctor who is blamed. Relatives always hold us responsible, but no one questions the administration. That is why, I have raised a question and this question is for all to ponder upon.”

Last week, after a resident doctor from Dhule was mercilessly assaulted by a patient’s relatives, resident doctors had gone on strike demanding more security in hospital premises.

In recent past, many other similar attacks on doctors were reported from Thane, Nashik, and Jalgaon.

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