‘Yoga is the only path to live a stress-free life,’ PM Modi speaks ahead of #InternationalYogaDay

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, June 18 asked people to make yoga an integral part of their lives and urged them to take part in the International Yoga Day celebrations on June 21


We all are aware of the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a yoga enthusiast and the brain behind the establishment of International Yoga Day – June 21. The day is marked each year with yoga events in the country and abroad. With International Day of Yoga around the corner, Modi shared a message about the day.

The Prime Minister shared his message to the nation through a video from the Ministry of AYUSH.

“Many good wishes to the Yoga enthusiasts across the globe on the occasion of International Day of Yoga. In the present century, we are observing that Yoga has connected the entire world. Just as it connects body, mind, intellect and soul. Today, Yoga is connecting the entire world,” said Narendra Modi as he greeted the nation.

He added, “Everybody wants to live a life that is free of stress, pain, disease and live a life full of happiness; yoga is the only path to reach this goal. Yoga is a medium to experience and realise how holistic life can be lived in a balanced way. How body, mind, thoughts and behaviour can lead to an inward journey of healthy and pious life by the practice of yoga. “

“Today it is becoming increasingly difficult for an individual to live a stress-free life due to prevailing lifestyle, work style, rush of activities and responsibilities in life. It is imperative for us to bring such changes in our daily routine that makes us stress-free and strong even amidst difficulties. This is possible only be regular practice of yoga,” he informed.

PM Modi stated, “I urge all the yoga lovers to make a resolution every year for fixing a target of adding a certain number of new yoga practitioners during the year. What role we are going to play to make yoga a mass movement? To see that you can play a crucial role in bringing peace and prosperity in the world through yoga.

“I invite you all not only for being part of International Day of Yoga celebrations but for generating a general consciousness of yoga among people and converting it into mass movement. I wish you be a yogi in this people’s movement of yoga. My best wishes to you all,” concluded PM Modi

In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the idea of International Yoga Day during his speech at United Nations General Assembly and also suggested June 21 to be dedicated to Yoga day as it is the longest day of the year.

Yoga is a union of physical, mental, as well as spiritual practices that are said to have originated 5,000 years ago. The practice of yoga comprises of breath control, meditation and adoption of particular body postures.