‘Wearing spectacles can benefit a child’s eyesight’

Poor vision can affect a child's education and development. In the long-term their career prospects are hampered. Wearing spectacles can not only enhance the vision of a child but also will improve his/her academic performance

Wearing spectacles can be beneficial for the child

“By simply giving a pair of spectacles, we can actually give a vision to the children. Because children themselves cannot complain that they are not able to see. So we have to proactively screen them,” said Dr Parikshit Gogate, Paediatric Ophthalmologists, Dr Gogate’s eye clinic, Pune.

He added, “But giving spectacles to the children, is only a 50 per cent solution because many children don’t wear spectacles. There is a lot of myth in the society that people who wear spectacles have weak eyes. And to top it all, if girls wear spectacles. People think that something is wrong with them.”

Dr Gogate informed that, a study through ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’, was done in Maharashtra and almost 40,000 children were given spectacles. “Later, we did a follow-up regarding the same. And found that only 30 per cent were actually wearing the spectacles. The 30 per cent of children who wore spectacles, their academic performance had improved by 5 per cent. So if a child who is provided with spectacles wears it, his acoustical performance improves.”

Wearing spectacles can be beneficial for the child
Dr Parikshit Gogate, Paeditric Opthalmologists

According to Dr Gogate, giving spectacles is not just for his/her eyes, it is also for a child’s educational development. Children should wear spectacles so that they can see clearly and have improved vision, urged Dr Gogate.

He further said , “There is a correlation between myopia (Nearsightedness, or myopia, is the most common refractive error of the eye, and it has become more prevalent in recent years) and IQ.

Generally the children, who wear spectacles are considered to be intelligent. There is a correlation as people with higher IQ are more likely to be myopic. As they are myopic they tend to stay indoors as they can’t see things which are at a certain distance.

Dr Gogate informed, “The increased use of spectacles can be reduced by encouraging your children to do outdoor activities. In rural area myopia is less. In the urban area, myopia is more prevalent.”