‘Wearing my sari, motivates me to serve my patients’

Nurses in the medical profession are as important as doctors in providing medical services to the people. Doctor and nurses work in tandem in helping and healing people. Today, My Medical Mantra offers you  peek into the life of one such nurse whose selfless service and dedication has earned her awards, but she takes them in her strides and continues to do what she does best which is nursing her patients back to good health


When you imagine a nurse, you generally think of a person wearing a white apron or sari and having a very clean and neat appearance. It is their identity which distinguishes them from others in the medical profession. They wear it as proudly as a police man wears his badge.

When somebody thinks of nursing, as a profession, they immediately connote it as a service to those who are suffering from any disease. Nurses have been serving mankind by helping them to relieve them from their pain since antiquity.

Through the dedication and determination of our nurse people living in rural areas are able to effective primary medical services. Nurses who have been working passionately in the rural hinterlands of our country have proven to be the backbone of the medical system in India.

Chandrakala Chauhan, a 52-year-old woman, works as auxiliary nurse-midwives (ANM) under Maharashtra state government since last 32 years and thinks that this profession is one of those rare professions which give money to serve people.

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Last year, Chauhan the bagged Florence Nightingale Award – an award given by central government for nurses. The award bestowed upon to 35 nurses from India and she was one among them. They were chosen for their extraordinary work in implementing health related schemes of the government.

It is huge honour for this nurse who has dedicated her entire life for the welfare of her patients. Nurses bridge the gap between doctors and patients and are also a vital link in the chain of rural health services in India.

Chandrakala offers her devoted and selfless services at a Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Adavad, which is a small village in the Chopda Taluka of Jalgaon district.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Chauhan said, “I live in service quarter here. I work here for 24 hours. Whenever an emergency case of snake bite, accident, or delivery comes I have to rush to see the patient. Also, there are patients who are tested for HIV and TB, apart from the usual routine cases.”

She further said, “It is my family who supported me. My husband is also an Aarogya Sevak at one of the PHCs.  They never prevented me from rushing to the aid of patients in emergency cases. Also, the patients motivate. At PHC, the service offered is almost free of cost and the patients  give us their blessings.”

The Florence Nightingale awards are given to the outstanding nursing personnel employed in Central, State/UTs. Nurses working in government, voluntary organisations, mission institutions and the private institutions can apply with the due recommendation of concerned state government

In 2012-13, she was awarded by the Maharashtra government for carrying out 575 deliveries – which is the highest number of deliveries, at a PHC level.

When asked about what motivates her, she answered, “In the morning, when I wear my white sari, I am motivated to start my day. It is this service which is my also my livelihood. And a patients blessing motivates me the most.”