‘We are sitting outside AIIMS and we will not work’

Today, AIIMS resident doctors marched to Parliament in protest against National Medical Commission Bill. AIIMS Resident Doctors Association (RDA) termed the bill as anti-poor, anti-people and unacceptable to doctors and medical students in its present form. So, AIIMS and Safderjung Hospital are jointly calling a complete shutdown of work


  • AIIMS is opposing the bill in to and wants immediate removal of contentious issues from the bill. National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill is anti-poor, anti-people and is not at all acceptable in its present form.
  • Primarily the issues are: Bridge course to register in evidence based medicine. National Licentiate Exam (NLE). Government regulation of only up to 40% seats. No regular inspection to scrutinize private medical colleges. NMC primarily a nominated body with complete hold of bureaucrats and politicians.

RDA AIIMS wrote letters to union health minister and also to chairman parliamentary standing committee (Department of Health and Family Welfare) to either remove these issues from the bill or allow them to meet and give time to present its views and apprehensions regarding the bill. Even after repeated attempts, AIIMS didn’t receive any response. Owing to which, AIIMS resident doctors marched at the parliament today

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti, President of AIIMS Resident Doctors Association (AIIMS RDA) said, “AIIMS and Safderjung Hospital are jointly calling a complete shutdown of work. We are completely shutting down everything in Safderjung Hospital. We are sitting outside AIIMS and will not attend to any OPD services. We will only attend to emergency cases.”

He added, “JP Nadda, Union health minister has called us at his residence. I am going to meet him along with Secretary Health and DCP, South Delhi.”