WCNR 2018: ‘Road accidents contribute to highest number of head injuries’

At World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR) which is hosting 10th World Congress here in Mumbai, Dr Keki Turel, a consultant neurosurgeon, said that most serious head injuries are because of road accidents. He also mentioned that it is the young population which is suffering from road accidents and once they are impaired with head injuries, they cost society as economic productivity is lost

WCNR 2018: ‘Road accidents contribute to highest number of head injuries’

“The law and order machinery is not able to cope up with the incidence. Traffic is the main cause behind road accidents. Around 43 per cent of the casualties are because of road accidents,” he said.

While explaining about the causes behind road accidents, he said, “People who drive two wheelers form the highest of people number prone to suffer from road accidents, which is followed by pedestrians. Those who are ride two wheelers should always use helmets. Pedestrians should not be jaywalking on the road. Many accidents happen at untimely hours and at many places there are no traffic lights. Poor visibility, bad road conditions, talking on phone while driving, breaking traffic lights, are other causes for road accidents.”

Dr Keki Turel
Dr Keki Turel

While explaining about pre-hospital care, he said, “The first respondent should be made aware. Police need to be trained. Ambulance services in India are not proper. Many times the drivers are drunk and many times they are not properly equipped. Air ambulance belongs to private service providers and government should also create such facilities.”

Dr Turel also mentioned that sports injuries go unreported in India. “High speed sports like car racing, motor cycle riding and traditional sports like Dahi Handi and Jalikattu witness many sports injuries, but are still going unreported, but this merits attention.”

Statistics on road accidents:

  • Around 4 lakh deaths each year are caused due to accident related injuries
  • In the total number of deaths around 14 per cent are accidental deaths, while 22 per cent happen due to head related injuries
  • 17 people are killed every hour due to road accidents
  • Maharashtra tops the list of road accidents
  • By 2020, road accidents are going to be the third largest cause of death in India
  • Apart from road accidents, every day 10 people die due rail accidents

While talking about preventive aspects he said:

  • People should follow the law
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Don’t use cell phones while driving
  • The smallest of the crimes should be punished
  • Awareness should be created in police and children
  • Documentaries should be used to create awareness