WCNR 2018: ‘India needs deeper thinking for patients to be treated better’

One of most talked about points of the discussion is the palliative care. At the WCNR 2018 conference being held at the Renaissance Convention Centre, Powai, an interesting survey regarding the state of patients in palliative care, in India was released. It clearly seemed like there is a lot more to be done in that front for the country. Also, Dr Nirmal Surya was felicitated for his contribution as the president of WCNR 2018 from instituto S.Anna in Crotone (Italy) in the memory of Prof, Giuliano Dolce


The survey on Patients with Disorders of consciousness in India was done in partnership with Dr Nirmal Surya, President of Developing world Congress for Neurorehabilitation and founder of Epilepsy Foundation, Mumbai.

About the survey: 

  • This was the first survey on doctors and patients done in the country
  • This was a pilot study
  • The data needs further thinking.
  • “I strongly believe that the results conclude that India needs deeper thinking for patients to be treated better,” Dr Matilde Leonardi, Head Neurology, Public Health, Disability Unit, Director Italian WHO collaborating Centre Research Branch
  • 63 respondents from the country were recorded.

“As a part of this online survey, we sent out a questionnaire to many centres in India, of which 63 responded. The survey reveals that a lot of work needs to be done when it comes to treating patients in a vegetative state. From November 2017 to January 2018, a questionnaire on patients with Disorders Of Consciousness (DOC) was sent to members of Indian Federation of Neurology,” said Dr Leonardi.


She emphasised, “We hope there is more to look forward to. We see enormous studies being published about vegetative consciousness and that’s because there are enormous patients that the country sees.”

Dr Mary Ann Mukaden, professor and head, department of palliative medicine at Tata Memorial Centre in Mumbai, also spoke in great detail about the Indian situation for the development of system of care for DOC patients.

She said, “The idea is to give appropriate treatment to the one in need. Maximum longevity with best possible quality of life is important.”