‘Water bell’ for health, Mangaluru school’s reminder for students to drink water

A bell in a school has a special connection with the students. Weaving this unique thread, a school from Mangaluru, Karnataka, has initiated a special drive for the students. Here, the bell rings, and student pick up their water bottles and start drinking water



Sound’s strange right? What’s the connection between a bell and drinking water?

‘Water Bell’ an initiative has been launched by Indraprastha School in Uppinangady, Mangaluru. And, its aim is to encourage students to drink more water. In this school, the bell rings thrice a day, to remind students to drink water.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Jose M. J, principal of Indraprastha School said, “The school has launched this initiative called ‘Water Bell’. As the bell goes off, it reminds the students to drink water. After every two hours, the bell rings, and the students start drinking water.”

Our body consists of 70 per cent of water. And, we need water to stay us hydrated. In case if the water level in the body goes down, a number of health conditions can occur. So, to encourage the students to drink water this concept was launched.

“A lot of parents had complained to us, that students don’t drink plenty of water in the school. So, we took the initiative and started ‘Water Bell’. “Water plays an important part in the human body. And we are encouraging our students to be healthy,” added Jose M. J.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Manjusha Giri, a paediatrician attached with Nagpur’s Neuron hospital said, “This is a very good decision taken by the school. Students don’t like to use washrooms outside. So, they drink less amount of water than required. 70 per cent of the children visiting my OPD drink less quantity of water.”

“Less water intake can cause urinary tract infection, dehydration, and, causes irritation in the stomach,” added Dr Giri.

While Dr Aakash Waghmare, a general physician added, “Human body requires magnesium, and that depends upon the water intake we take. During work, we forget to drink water. Health conditions like kidney stones and low blood pressure especially can develop in the elderly due to lesser water intake.”