Warning: Tooth extraction can be harmful for children

A child’s decayed tooth is removed at a young age. This leads to formation of gap, in between the teeth. But when their new adult teeth come in, they do not coming in straight. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is given on saving the tooth. Therefore, dental camps organized in rural areas provide parents with information about oral hygiene

Tooth extraction can be harmful for children

Tooth ache in children can be as distressing for the parent as it is for the child. A persistent toothache in a child usually indicates a problem that requires professional care. And generally after examination, the decayed tooth is extracted by the dentist. But if the tooth is extracted at a younger age, it leaves a gap there. And when their new adult teeth come in, they do not coming in straight.  There doctors make sure to save the tooth, instead of extracting it.

Every year, medical camps are organized in urban and rural areas to raise awareness regarding the oral hygiene. Through this camp, people are made aware about the importance of oral hygiene. Right now, people are taking initiative to protect their teeth due to the awareness about the oral hygiene. Through this camp, more than 43 thousand patients are treated since last eight years.

While talking to My Medical Mantra, Principal of Government Dental College, Dr. Mansingh said, “In the dental hospital, every year 60 lakh patients suffering from tooth decay are treated. People come from long distances, just to take the treatment. In this, urban patients suffer from tooth decay, while the rural patient’s suffer from gum problems.

Dr. Pawar further said that, “Root canal is done to save the decayed tooth. In private hospital, cost of the root canal treatment is estimated around Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000. However, in the government dental hospital, patients are treated at only Rs 100. After the root canal, Rs 200 are charged to fix new artificial teeth.

Paediatric Dentist Dr. Dimple Padwe informed, “More than 150 children come to the hospital every day for treatment. Parents mostly ask to extract the milk teeth as they decay.  But when the tooth is extracted, it creates a gap there and the space is not filled. And the child’s teeth grow crooked. Parents do not have enough information about this, due to which children suffer later. So educating parents about saving the teeth can be beneficial for the children.”

“Today, people are aware about oral hygiene and emphasise on saving the teeth. As tooth extraction is not an easy process. But people are not aware about its consequences. There has been awareness on oral hygiene in the society, since the past few years.  And the change is visible and good for the people,” said Indian Dental Association Secretary General, Dr. Ashok Dhoble.