Want to identify a bogus pathologist? Watch this documentary

A pathology report is a medical document written by a pathologist. A pathologist is a doctor who specialises in interpreting laboratory tests and evaluating cells, tissues, and organs to diagnose disease. But in Maharashtra, the number of fake pathologists is increasing. And one wrong report by them, can be risky for patient's life


Pathologist is one who identifies diseases and conditions by studying abnormal cells and tissues. But, in Mumbai and other states, the number of bogus pathologists has gone up.

To alert patients, a documentary ‘Story of the Public Health’ has been made by Maharashtra Association of Practicing Pathologists and Microbiologists  (MAPPM), in order to explain, who is pathologist? Also, how to identify the bogus pathologist?

The first screening of this documentary will take place in Mumbai, on the occasion of ‘World Pathology Day’ on November 15.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Prasad Kulkarni, member, Executive Council, Maharashtra Association of Practising Pathologists and Microbiologists (MAPPM) said, “Pathology is a medical profession. If the pathology report is wrong, it can be risky for a patient. Moreover, the patient is not given report without doctor’s signature. At many places, lab technicians who work under doctors, give report to the patient which is wrong.”

He added, “So, patients should get their check-ups done by the pathologists only.  At many places, lab technicians are running laboratories. And people are being cheated due to the lack of awareness. So, the documentary has been made to create awareness.”

The documentary contains information about:

  • What is pathologist?
  • Who is pathologist?
  • How can one become a pathologist?
  • What does his/ her work involve?
  • How to identity a fake pathologist?

Dr Sandeep Yadav, president of Maharashtra Association of Practising Pathologists and Microbiologists (MAPPM) said, “Pathologist is an important component of the medical field. The doctors cannot go ahead with the treatment unless the disease is diagnosed. But now, there is negligence regarding this. The number of bogus pathologists has increased in the city.  The state government should take measures in this regard.”