Do you eat too many sweets during Diwali? Here is a diet plan for you

The grand parties and get togethers with friends and family means a lot of food in Diwali! While Diwali is known as the festival of lights, it is equally a festival of sweets. Thus, Diwali also brings with it high calorie food and ruining well-maintained diet plans


Although, we cannot say no to the festive celebrations and or the yummy food items. Dieticians offer their advice on how to balance meals, get proper nutrition and also how to keep tabs on your diet this festive season.

Shaeen Mulani, dietician at Family Welfare Bureau, Pune, said, “During festivals what is important is how much we eat what. We must have balanced diet during festive seasons. If somebody is forcing to eat sweets and you do not want to cheat on your diet plan, then be a liar. Tell them that you are fasting. When we visit houses, we cannot say no to everything that they offer. The best is limiting yourself to a small quantity.”

Dr Aasha Patil, dietician at Aundh Civil Hospital, said, “One should not stop eating fruits, you must continue your regular exercise routine. Things like ginger and honey paste, beetroot juice and carrot juice, should be taken. Avoid starchy carbs and opt for whole grain carbs and fruits. Make sweets at home. Prepare more baked food stuffs rather than deep frying food stuffs.”