Walkathon to be held in Pune to raise awareness on road safety

The World Day of Remembrance (WDR) is an occasion where the victims who have died in road crashes are commemorated in the presence of their families and friends. This annual event takes place across the world on the 3rd Sunday of November every year

Importance of emergency care post an accident

Most of us know at least one family member or a friend who has either been killed in a road crash, or grievously injured. This is a sad reality, and especially when many of those crashes could have been avoided.

Road fatalities claim 1.35 million lives each year globally. Unfortunately, in India, more than 150,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents. Maharashtra ranks third within India, and the city of Pune witnessed 373 fatalities in 2017.

Many organizations have arranged awareness drive in Pune on November 16 to make people aware about road safety

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Sujit Patwardhan, founder of Parisar organisation, which works for the environment, health and civic issues, said, “We are organising walkathon tomorrow in Pune. All age groups, including children and senior citizens, are welcome for the walk; if they are able to carry out the 2 km walk. If not, do join us for the remaining event after the walk, at 9:30 am at Sambhaji Park. We will spread awareness about road accidents and remedies.”

Doctors emphasise that more and more people must use a helmet. Dr Nilesh Bhandari, Consultant Neurologist at Sancheti Hospital said that not only the drivers but also pillion riders should use a helmet as both have a risk of injuries. Not including serious injuries, even in case of trivial brain injuries, the quality of life may be affected as the injured may get paralysis, double vision, vertigo, may experience difficulty in maintaining balance and coordination. The recovery in head injuries is long term and affects not only the patients but also their family.

Many fatalities due to road accidents occur are preventable. K Venkatesham, Commissioner of Police Pune, said, “Many accidents are avoidable. Basics things like no drunk and driving, use of helmets, strict compliance with traffic rules will help avoid many road accidents. In Pune, because of strict implementation of rules, we have seen a decline in the number of road accidents recently.”