#VoteForHealth: “Government must control rampant use of junk food”

As the Lok Sabha general elections have begun across the country and the people are taking to the polling booths to cast their vote, My Medical Mantra highlights a few healthcare needs which need to be taken into consideration by whichever government comes into power

Shilpa Joshi (2)

After the election, people have very high hopes from the government. Voters hope that the government will deliver the promises, and work for the betterment of people.

With an aim to create awareness about health issues, My Medical Mantra has started a campaign called #VoteForHealth. Through this campaign, we are gathering important health issues, which experts believe the government should give preference too.

Under this campaign, we will bring to you the perspective of eminent doctors about healthcare and policies which the government should take into account

My Medical Mantra spoke to Dr Shilpa Joshi, Vice President, Indian Dietetic Association in this regards.

“The government is currently running an extensive campaign against tobacco and tobacco products. Similarly, the government must conduct a campaign to spread awareness about junk food. There is an advertisement which focuses on the ill effects of consuming tobacco products. Such advertisement also needs of the hour to spread awareness about junk food,” said Dr Joshi.

Dr Shilpa Joshi added, “The time has come when we have to spread awareness about the junk food and nutritious food. Healthy and nutritious food is the root of development. If we consume a healthy diet, it will help us to be healthy. So, the government should contemplate about controlling the rampant use of junk food.”