Viral infections are rising due to constant fluctuation in temperature

Doctors are advising people not to self-medicate and to consult doctor at the earliest if there are early signs of infection

temperature rise

City doctors are receiving number of patients with runny nose, cold, cough and throat infection as temperature in Mumbai is fluctuating.

14-year-old Vaishnavi Shirke (name changed) resident of Andheri is suffering from cold and fever. “She is about to give her S.S.C board exam in next month, but sudden cold and fever from last two days has disturbed her preparations. There is a slight improvement in her health,” said Shirke’s mother.

In another case 29-year-old Rakesh Gupta from Vile Parle has been suffering from throat infection. “I work as a delivery boy at courier company, for the last few days I was experiencing irritation and itchiness in my throat and was finding difficult to swallow. Last night it was paining also. After ignoring it for some days I have now decided to consulate a doctor,” said Gupta.

Dr Anil Pachnekar, former President of Indian Medical Association (IMA), said, “The constant change in climate has led to increasing number of viral infections. There are lots cases of viral fever, throat and skin infection, sporadic gastro cases have also increased”.

Pachnekar further said, “Daily there are 30 to 40% viral fever, 3 to 5% of gastro and chikenguniya, 25 to 30 % are throat infection whereas 3 to 5 % cases of skin infection.”

With this increasing viral infections doctors are warning patients not to self-medicate and consult a specialist at the earliest.

Dr Om Shrivastav, consultant, infectious disease and immunology said, “When there are fluctuations in temperature and humidity it gives rise to number of viral infections. People who are already suffering from any kind of disease, elderly and youngsters are most likely to get infected. However, nowadays I also have fit and healthy people with eyes infection, runny nose, throat pain and fever coming for treatment.”

Shrivastav receives 4 to 8 cases on weekly basis.

Dr K R Dhebri, General Physician said, “Upper respiratory infection is common because of change in weather. In such climate viruses become active. Along with viral fever cases of cough, cold and throat infection, body pain also rise.”

Dr Pratit Sambani, associate professor at Breach Candy and Jaslok hopital said, “I am receiving steady flow of patients with 5 to 7 cases per day. Most of them come up with viral infectious dieses. Elderly people, especially people with chronic diseases are getting affected more.”

Follow the do’s and don’t to avoid such infections


If you have runny nose, watery eyes, cough, fever visit doctor at the earliest.

Avoid crowded, dusty and congested places as much as possible

Manage adequate hydration, drink sufficient amount of water per day

Include sufficient amount of nutrition to your diet to increase immunity


Do not take antibiotics without consulting your doctor

Do not self-medicate