Viral fever grips Mumbai, doctors witness 70 percent rise in patients

Experts say, high humidity and temperature is very conducive environment for the viruses to grow and spread. Doctors across Mumbai are witnessing a steep 70 percent rise in fever, cold and, cough cases

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  • Doctors across Mumbai have witnessed a sudden rise in cases of viral fever, cough and, cold since the past few days 
  • According to doctors, the sudden change in the weather is the major factor behind the increase in fever cases 
  • Health experts say, the sudden change in the temperature has badly affected Mumbaikars, especially children, as the cases have rose almost 4 times that of the routine

Friday, July 19th, was the hottest day ever in Mumbai in July, as the temperature sore to 36.2 degree Celsius. According to the MET officials high humidity and no rain has caused the temperature to rise.

But, the unexpected rise in the temperature and the changes in the weather pattern, has taken a toll on every Mumabikar’s health. Doctors across the city, are witnessing a steep rise in the number of OPD patients visiting them. Doctors say the main complaints are of fever, body pain, cough and cold.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Suhas Pingle, Secretary, Indian Medical Association, Maharashtra, said, “The cases of viral fever in Mumbai has increased almost two-fold. Almost all the patients who are coming to the OPD are complaining fever, cold and, cough. I appeal to every Mumbaikar, if you have temperature, don’t go out of your house, stay indoors and take rest.”

Friday, July 19, was the hottest day after 1960 as per the Mumbai Meteorological Department. Experts say, high humidity and temperature is very conducive environment for the viruses to grow.

Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, Superintendent, St George hospital, said, “We have witness a 70 percent increase in our out-patient department. And most of the patients who are visiting are complaining of fever, cold and, cough issues. Especially, 40 percent of the OPD patients are small children. With viral fever, patients of malaria and dengue are also increasing.”

Viral diseases spread quickly, so doctors are advising people to take utmost care.

Mumbai based Dr Samveeda Samel, MD Medicine, while speaking to My Medical Mantra said, “Parent’s should take extra care of the kids as they are a vulnerable group. Kid’s hygiene must be maintained along with extra care. Do not send your kids to school or play if they have early symptoms.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Devi Prasad Rao, who is a practicing Ayurveda doctor said, “Yes, the sudden change in the weather and temperature has taken a massive toll on Mumbaikar’s. The number of patients have increases four fold during the past few days. Combined with the hot weather and no rain, the food habits have also caused the diseases.”

“My appeal is to people is take care during these days. If you are suffering from fever or cough, don’t visit the public places. Those who have high fever must drink lots of liquid or water. This will help the temperature to reduce, ” added Dr Rao.