Villagers come forward to help the ailing ‘Krushna’

Krushna Sadgir, an eight-year-old who got his heart transplant done yesterday is getting better now. However, family is now concerned about pooling the funds. At this time, the villagers have come forward to do all that they can to collect funds to help the child

Villagers come forward to help the ailing 'Krushna'

Ever since Krushna Sadgir, the eight-year-old with a rare heart defect underwent a heart transplant yesterday, the family has been under immense pressure about collecting funds.

In such a crisis situation, the villagers of Muthalne in Ahmednagar district have come forward to help the ailing child’s family.  In fact, the villagers have undertaken a unique initiative to gather funds.

A social worker from the village, Lahanu Sadgir has now stuck posters and distributed pamphlets to spread the news about Krushna’s condition.  Moreover, the villagers are also going to individual schools and colleges to make people aware about the same. Not only that but they are also urging their kin from different villages to help them.

Villagers come forward to help the ailing 'Krushna'

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Lahanu said, “We are going to various schools and colleges to make people aware about the same. We are distributing pamphlets and sticking posters for this. Krushna’s surgery is successfully done. Now the appeal is for financial help, money required to pay the hospital. We plan to gather at least one lakh rupees.”

While talking to My Medical Mantra, Krushna’s uncle Dada Sadgir said that the hospital has been quite supportive and have cut costs as much as they can. “The hospital has reduced costs by considering our condition. We have been told to gather eleven lakh rupees. We have paid as much as we could hence we are looking to gather another seven lakhs. We are receiving help from our villagers and Lahanu Sadgir.”

Villagers come forward to help the ailing 'Krushna'

Krushna’s father, Ganesh told My Medical Mantra that they have been getting a helping hand from the villagers. “Yuva Dhyey is an NGO that is helping us for collecting funds. Lahanu Sadgir and his companions are helping us. However, seven lakhs is a huge amount. But they have been trying incessantly.”

A villager, Nitin Naikwade said, “It is a huge task to gather seven lakhs for Krushna. However, we are trying as much as we can to help this family in need. Therefore, I am going to various houses each day and asking for help.”