Maha: Vets nurse python on the verge of death, back to health

Veterinary doctors and an NGO working for animal welfare in Beed, Maharashtra has saved a life of a 10-foot long python. Since the past eight months, the doctors have tirelessly treated the python at an animal rehabilitation centre. He has now been released back into in the forest

Vets nurse python on the verge of death, back to health

We read about a number of incidents, where people don’t come forward to help an injured person. They rather, spend time clicking the picture or a video of the incident. Owing to this negligence a person loses their life. If an injured person gets a medical treatment on time, his life could be saved.

Siddharth Sonavane, who hails from Beed, Maharashtra, has saved the life of a 10-foot-long python, whom he spotted absolutely motionless and on the verge of dying in a forest.  Siddharth who runs an animal rehabilitation centre, not only saved the pythons life, but, treated him for the past eight months.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Siddharth Sonavane, Director of an NGO called Sarparadnyi Animal Rehabilitation Centre said, “When I had spotted the python, he was absolutely motionless. We took him to the doctor, and they treated him. He was in and out animal rehab centre for over eight months. And recently we released him in a forest with the help of the forest officers.”

According to the doctors, the python was suffering from amoebiasis, and had lost his strength due to infection.

Dr Vijay Choure, livestock development officer from Beed, who treated the injured python, said, “The python was suffering from diarrhoea. And the possible cause of diarrhoea is contaminated food and water. For the first two-three months, he was absolutely immobilised. We administered him antibiotics for the three days. And after 4-5 months his condition developed.”