Uttarakhand cop saves life of pilgrim by carrying him on back for 2 kms

Just when you have lost all your faith in humanity, along comes a story of hope. This is the story of a Uttarakhand police who went out of his way to help an ailing pilgrim

Uttarakhand cop saves life of pilgrim by carrying him on back for 2 kms

Sub Inspector Lokendra Bahuguna’s heroic act not only proved to be blessing for 55-year-old Ranjhi Rajag but also earned him accolades for his commitment to his duty.

According to a Facebook post by Uttarakhand Police, Bahuguna was part of a team trying to manage traffic in Bhairo Ghati – a track between Vaishno Devi and Sanji Chhat. It was then that a man named Ranjhi Rajak, hailing from Madhya Pradesh experienced a sudden pain in his chest and fell down as a result.

The family of Rajag found themselves perplexed when the pilgrim from Madhya Pradesh collapsed near the Bhairo Mandir here soon after his arrival at the Yamunotri shrine.


That is when the Bahuguna stepped in and decided to take the man on his shoulders and walk to the nearest healthcare centre, about two kilometres away. Doctors at the facility said that Ranjhi had suffered from a mild heart attack and Bahuguna timely intervention helped save his life. His story has touched hearts on social media.

The sub inspectors actions garnered much appreciation from the pilgrim’s family. Soon after being discharged, Ranjhi thanked the police officer with tears of gratitude in his eyes. His kind gesture did not go unnoticed by the police department he was rewarded Rs 5,000 from The Additional Director General of Police to express their pride over his heroic act.